Adultery Is Alarmingly Common, But It Doesn’t Have to Happen to You.

For men and women, adultery begins in the heart. And for men particularly, it begins when the heart is not guarded against...
intimacy men need

The Intimacy Men Need But Don’t Know They Need

A blockbuster quote from a blockbuster book (Unwanted) by Jay Stringer unmasks what I have seen but been unable to describe in marriage about...
why do people cheat

Why People Cheat (and Whose Fault Is It?)

A cheater is solely responsible for the infidelity. Asking "why?" is less important than the cheater acknowledging it was their choice.

Do You Have Too Many or Too Few Sexual Inhibitions?

I’m talking only about scenarios where the inhibitions are a problem. If you and your spouse are fine with how inhibited you are, great!
ingredients to good sex spiritual intimacy

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 3 – Spiritual Intimacy

For Women: How is tending to your wife’s spiritual side a sexual need? Women all over the country have told us the same thing: "When...

36 Conversations That Will Turn Your Spouse On

Married couples should flirt and have intimate conversations to stoke the fire of our interests. Here are 36 ideas for you.
how to have sex

How to Have Sex Be More Fun in Marriage

Could you be getting into a negative cycle in your marriage (especially with how to have sex) because you’re just treating things a little too seriously?
heart of the matter

The Heart Is The Heart Of The Matter. How’s Yours?

Whenever a marriage self-destructs, the heart is the heart of the matter. But it's also the reason a marriage thrives, and you choose which!
mismatched sex drives

What To Do When You Have Mismatched Sex Drives

Today's post is from Bonny Logsdon Burns, who writes at Follow Bonny there for more great resources on Christian Marriage, and thanks to Beth...
1 Corinthian 7:5

1 Corinthians 7:5 – What Does It Actually Mean?

1 Corinthians 7:5. That’s a sticky verse. The most common conflict when it comes to sex in marriage is about frequency.
50 shades of gray silly sex

50 Shades of Silly: Why ‘Grey’ Sex Isn’t All That Great

I (Josh) tend to be a contrarian, which means when marriage blogs got on an anti-50 Shades of Grey kick I kinda rolled my...
emotional affair

Is Your Marriage in Danger of an Emotional Affair?

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy says national surveys indication 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married...
married sex

How Bad Married Sex Can Actually Be Good For You!

Steve meets Michelle. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. For our story...
husband prefers sleep to sex

If Your Husband Prefers Sleep to Sex Do You Feel Rejected ?

Do you feel rejected when your husband prefers sleep to sex? What's the dynamic where he has a libido, wants sex, but it may not be everyday.
phone addiction

Is Your Phone Addiction Harming Your Sex Life?

25% of respondents said their phone, not their spouse, is the last thing they see at night. There's a phrase for this: phone addiction.
bring sexy back

10 Ways to Bring Sexy Back. #8 Is 🥰😳🤯

Does your marriage feel “sexy”? Or does it feel “safe”? “Routine”? “Boring”? There’s nothing wrong with safe. There’s nothing even wrong with routine!...
sexual pleasure

God Cares About Sexual Pleasure In Your Marriage.

Why is there such a disconnect for a woman to consider that God cares about her sexual pleasure? I see that most women view sex as earthy, dirty, and shameful—everything that God is not.
bare marriage

Shouldn’t Christians Have the Best Sex?

Sex is the ultimate knowing of one another, and the ultimate expression of intimacy. The more intimate you can be with each other, the more passionate and wonderful sex will be.

Pornography Really IS Insidious. Here’s Why.

Pornography is powerful, insidious, and addictive.Just a mouse click away, there’s never been greater access to such a destructive evil.
Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice for men too. #Christianmarriage #Christianhusband #Christianwife #marriageintimacy #prayer

3 Things to Pray For Your Sex Life

Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice...

Initiating (and Declining) Sex Without Starting a Fight

For many married couples initiating sex can be an awkward moment that leads to conflict or hurt feelings. They’re not sure what to say. They fear being rejected. This may begin to sound overwhelming, but there are few simple points to keep in mind when initiating sex with your spouse.

How Breaking Your Vows Could Save Your Marriage

If the most powerful vows are never spoken, why not speak them? If you said them out loud, would you agree with these lies about yourself?

3 Great Reasons to Schedule Your Sex Life

Today's topic is yet another great post from Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. Today's debates the pros and cons of calendaring out...
rekindling romance

3 Golden Rules for Rekindling Romance

Many couples expect romance to just happen, but we have found that intentionality is the key to rekindling romance. When the stress of life gets in the way of our romance, Cathy and I proactively apply what we call the “Three Golden Rules for Romance.”
sexually satisfied marriage

Why Empathy is Key to a Sexually Satisfied Marriage

What is the key to a sexually satisfied marriage? Do you have sympathy or empathy for your spouse? It’ll show between the sheets.

Do You Trust the Person You’re Having Sex With?

Richard Nicastro, PhD, examines how the sexual intimacy stakes rise when you fall in love.  He highlights the conditions that either encourage...

The Secret Ingredient to Having the Best Sex

One of the most delightful discoveries on my journey to cherish Lisa was finding out the difference cherishing makes with sexual intimacy. A...
marriage intimacy

10 Great Ways to Boost Marriage Intimacy

You can experience more marriage intimacy. Following are 10 ways to experience more intimacy with your spouse.
fall in love

8 Ways to Fall in Love All Over Again

Schedule your next date night and don’t tell your spouse the plans. The anticipation will spark a renewed sense of fun. Practice the daily...
what newlyweds should know about sex

4 Things Newlyweds Should Know About Sex

Today's post about what newlyweds should know about sex comes from our friends at and guest writer Ngina Otiende. Check out her blog here. As a...
Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She'll Fix My Sexual Lust

Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She’ll Fix My Sexual Lust

Getting married doesn’t give you victory over sexual lust because singleness isn’t what causes lust.
awkward sex

Why Your Awkward Sex Life is Okay

Growing up in the Bible belt as a pre-teen, sex always seemed awkward or dirty. It was only talked about as an example of...
Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Turn Up the Heat This Valentine’s Day

Today's post about Valentine's Day from Sheila at to love, honor, and vacuum is a lot of things - insightful, romantic, practical. Hope it...

Don’t Let Resentment Steal Intimacy in Your Marriage

Resentment can steal intimacy in your marriage, but don't let it. Recently I was speaking at a women's gathering, and one of the women asked...
Valentine's Day

6 Great Books to Give (or Read) for Valentine’s Day

You know you love it. Or maybe not. Regardless, Valentine's Day is coming like a freight train and you might be lacking...
sex matters

Why Sex Matters in Your Marriage

This is a fantastic post from Nancy Houston, a licensed Christian sex therapist, on why sex matters in your marriage and how to please...

10 Ways Men Can Improve Their Marriage’s Sex Life

Today's thoughts come from longtime Friend of the Newsletter™ Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum and is written by guest poster Keith Schooley.  Psst…...

How To Be Romantic Even When You’re Exhausted

Set aside one night this week where you plan for sex. It doesn't feel romantic, but it gives your spouse something to look forward to.
golden rule

Why the Golden Rule Doesn’t Work During Sex

If you’re married, we’re sure this will come as no surprise to you: Men and women view sex differently. Very differently.
better sex

Want Better Sex? ONE Thing You Must STOP First

Do you want better sex? Is your spouse hungering for better sex, too? If so, what’s the one thing you must STOP first? 

Your Low Libido Doesn’t Have to Stay That Way

Feel like you have no libido–as if it’s in hibernation or something? You’re not alone! This post contains affiliate links. I love talking on the...
bringing sexy back self image

Bringing Sexy Back to Your Self-Image

Today's post comes from Joy McMillan, author of XES: Why Church Girls Tend to Get it Backwards...And How to Get It Right, and Friend of the Newsletter™...

I Love My Wife, But I Just Don’t Know How To Show Her That.

If we've said it once we've said it a thousand times: Men and women often don't view intimacy the same way! For...
sexually frustrated

9 Tips for Sexually Frustrated Spouses

If you’re sexually frustrated, ask yourself what your expectations are. Your expectations may need to be tapered if they are unrealistic ...
ingredients to good sex nonsexual touch

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 5 – Nonsexual touch

For women: Nonsexual Touch Most women need and desire physical touch that does not lead to sex. They need to feel secure that every physical...
making time making love

Making Time for Making Love

A practical, honest look at the challenges of making time for making love a priority when you have young kids.
married sex

Married Sex: “How Do I Meet My Husband’s Needs?”

Over the past few months, we’ve been digging into the married sex needs of husbands and wives – and how you can...

1 Exercise To Crank Up Your Sexual Satisfaction

Doing this may lead you to state your sexual desires that you really want your spouse to know but didn’t know how to say or ask for.

“What’s My Motivation?” 5 Reasons to Improve Your Sex Life

Yup. You know there is an issue. You know the sexual connection with your spouse is waning a bit. Maybe you haven’t had...

Prayer Will Supercharge Your Marriage (Including Your Sex Life!)

Hi Thriving Marriages community, this is Josh, the guy bringing you this content each day. In addition to running this site I...