The Secret Ingredient to Having the Best Sex

One of the most delightful discoveries on my journey to cherish Lisa was finding out the difference cherishing makes with sexual intimacy. A...
sex life

Sex Life Feel Broken? How to Rebuild It!

Sometimes circumstances turn our sex life into something negative, but don't despair. It's possible to reset your sex life!
fall in love

8 Ways to Fall in Love All Over Again

Schedule your next date night and don’t tell your spouse the plans. The anticipation will spark a renewed sense of fun. Practice the daily...
sexual playfulness

3 Ground Rules for Sexual Playfulness

Today's great post from Julie at Intimacy in Marriage has some great thoughts on why turning your spouse on is great, and how to do...
what newlyweds should know about sex

4 Things Newlyweds Should Know About Sex

Today's post about what newlyweds should know about sex comes from our friends at and guest writer Ngina Otiende. Check out her blog here. As a...

Surprise! Men Want Emotional Connection from Sex

Just as the women’s top sex needs are interrelated, the men’s needs are also interconnected. They are all about relationship. They're about an emotional connection.
easy way to have great weekend with spouse

1 Easy Way to Have a Great Weekend with Your Spouse

It's easy to overcomplicate marriage. Life becomes so busy, important conversations go unspoken, the kids demand every ounce of emotional energy you have, work is...
when husband has the headache

When the Husband Has the “Headache”

Today's post comes from new Friends of the Newsletter,™  the team over at Authentic Intimacy. I love how it flips the stereotype of "women...
Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice for men too. #Christianmarriage #Christianhusband #Christianwife #marriageintimacy #prayer

3 Things to Pray For Your Sex Life

Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice...
bringing sexy back self image

Bringing Sexy Back to Your Self-Image

Today's post comes from Joy McMillan, author of XES: Why Church Girls Tend to Get it Backwards...And How to Get It Right, and Friend of the Newsletter™...
sexually satisfied marriage

Why Empathy is Key to a Sexually Satisfied Marriage

What is the key to a sexually satisfied marriage? Do you have sympathy or empathy for your spouse? It’ll show between the sheets.
why do people cheat

Why Do People Cheat in Relationships, And Whose Fault Is It?

If your spouse has an affair, are you partially to blame? Why do people cheat in relationships anyway?  That’s been something I’ve been...

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

Here are some New Year’s resolutions ideas that have the potential to actually change your marriage for the better.

What the Enemy Wants You to Believe About Sex

Today's post from our friends at Authentic Intimacy and guest blogger Jerusha Clark is so, so, SO good. I (Josh) regularly receive emails from readers...

6 Signs of Healthy Sexuality

I (Josh) hear regularly from spouses in marriages with a sex life that is abusive, exploitative, unsatisfying, or absent. Today's great post from Gary...
sex should feel good

Ladies: Sex Should Feel Good For You Too, So Speak Up!

We grow up assuming that good girls don’t talk about sex. We have strong feelings about sexual pleasure — sex should feel good!
talking about sex

6 Tips For Talking About Sex With Your Spouse

Talking about sex is one of the more difficult conversations. It's easier to talk about it with friends than your spouse? Why is that?
good sex

Necessary Ingredients to Good Sex: Romance in Marriage

The sex need that rated the fifth highest among women in our survey was romance. Nearly 53% of the women placed romance as a...
ingredients to good sex spiritual intimacy

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 3 – Spiritual Intimacy

For Women: How is tending to your wife’s spiritual side a sexual need? Women all over the country have told us the same thing: "When...

3 Great Reasons to Schedule Your Sex Life

Today's topic is yet another great post from Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. Today's debates the pros and cons of calendaring out...

1 Question That Will Ignite Your Marriage’s Intimacy

"God, show me one way to serve my spouse today, and give me the courage to do what you show me." That's the path to amazing intimacy.
ingredients to good sex initiation

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 4 – Initiation

For Men: Initiation In an earlier post, when we discussed a husband’s need for his wife to respond, we said that her resistance to his...
words of affirmation

Why Men Need Words of Affirmation in the Bedroom

Today's post is about the needs of men, but husbands, your wives need words of affirmation too! Here's 102 ways you can...

10 Tips for Becoming a More Romantic Husband

So what is being romantic? Love is a feeling; romance is love in action. Romance is something you do to express the love that you feel.

An Emotional Affair: How to Guard Your Marriage

Today's post from Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum is a great look at why an emotional affair is dangerous, but also preventable.
marriage intimacy

10 Great Ways to Boost Marriage Intimacy

You can experience more marriage intimacy. Following are 10 ways to experience more intimacy with your spouse.
great weekend

1 Easy Way to Have a Great Weekend with Your Spouse

Want to have a great weekend with your spouse? Sometimes here at Thriving Marriages we post long, detailed content that dives into the deep waters...
50 shades of gray silly sex

50 Shades of Silly: Why ‘Grey’ Sex Isn’t All That Great

I (Josh) tend to be a contrarian, which means when marriage blogs got on an anti-50 Shades of Grey kick I kinda rolled my...
Ted talks

5 TED Talks for Your Marriage

Our friends over at recently posted 5 TED talks for your marriage that would be great for you and your spouse to watch...
how to be sexy

How to Be Sexy…It Has Nothing to Do With Your Body

When I talk to women about how to be sexy in marriage, one of the most common concerns is their bodies. “I’m...

Don’t Believe the Lie: Pornography Really IS Insidious. Here’s Why.

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. –Matthew...
rekindling romance

3 Golden Rules for Rekindling Romance

Many couples expect romance to just happen, but we have found that intentionality is the key to rekindling romance. When the stress of life gets in the way of our romance, Cathy and I proactively apply what we call the “Three Golden Rules for Romance.”
junk sex

3 Things Junk Food and Junk Sex Have in Common.

We punish fast food restaurants, but leave the multi-billion dollar porn industry flourishing. The truth is, "junk sex" is killing us.

My Husband Won’t Touch Me … Now What?

At one point it felt like my husband did everything not to touch me. Here are four ways we recaptured the magic.
bad sex

Bad Sex Can Lead to a Good Marriage. Here’s the Surprising Reason Why.

Many couples endure sexual turmoil and private agony for years without knowing this is normal. And sadly, many couples end the marriage too soon before the process of working through bad sex can actually be used for their own personal development bootcamp.
between love and desire

The Difference Between Love and Desire

Today's post on the difference between love and desire is another great one from one of our most popular contributors, Gary Thomas. Enjoy! When an...
healthy sexuality

12 Ways to Tell if Resources Teach Healthy Sexuality

When it comes to teaching on healthy sexuality, how can you tell if a book, website -- or even a church -- is on point?
bored with your marriage

What To Do If You’re Bored With Your Marriage

Want to know what to do if you're bored with your marriage? Here's helpful information if you're feeling bored with your marriage.  Q:...
Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Turn Up the Heat This Valentine’s Day

Today's post about Valentine's Day from Sheila at to love, honor, and vacuum is a lot of things - insightful, romantic, practical. Hope it...

Your Wife’s Top 3 Sexual Needs

Women long to have a solid relationship with their husbands, but the sex part—at least the way they feel that their husbands...

2 Ways to Cultivate a Great Sex Life

Our friends Les and Leslie Parrott are an invaluable resource for any marriage - you can check them out here - and today's post...
married sex

How Bad Married Sex Can Actually Be Good For You!

Steve meets Michelle. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. For our story...
Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She'll Fix My Sexual Lust

Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She’ll Fix My Sexual Lust

Getting married doesn’t give you victory over sexual lust because singleness isn’t what causes lust.
boring in bed

Help! My Spouse Thinks I’m Boring In Bed.

What do you do if your husband accuses you of being boring in bed – or when your wife thinks your sex life is boring? Here are four ideas.

Candace Cameron Bure: Sex Needs to Be Celebrated Within Marriage

“Sex is the blessing of marriage and I hate when Christians are like, ‘No you have to pretend like you never had sex!’”

Don’t Let Resentment Steal Intimacy in Your Marriage

Resentment can steal intimacy in your marriage, but don't let it. Recently I was speaking at a women's gathering, and one of the women asked...
awkward sex

Why Your Awkward Sex Life is Okay

Growing up in the Bible belt as a pre-teen, sex always seemed awkward or dirty. It was only talked about as an example of...

Acting Out: Understanding Why We Are Unfaithful

The secretive world of acting out contained for them a promise of something different, not necessarily something better or positive.

3 Reasons Women Lose Interest In Sex.

Even though sex is a critical part of a healthy and happy marriage, many women are losing interest in intimacy with their husbands.
sexual pleasure

God Cares About Sexual Pleasure In Your Marriage.

God cares about your sex life. It may seem weird to see the words God and sex in the same sentence. Sometimes when I teach women...