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Bringing Sexy Back to Your Self-Image

Today's post comes from Joy McMillan, author of XES: Why Church Girls Tend to Get it Backwards...And How to Get It Right, and Friend of the Newsletter™...

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

Here are some New Year’s resolutions ideas that have the potential to actually change your marriage for the better.

Your Low Libido Doesn’t Have to Stay That Way

Feel like you have no libido–as if it’s in hibernation or something? You’re not alone! This post contains affiliate links. I love talking on the...
how to be sexy

How to Be Sexy…It Has Nothing to Do With Your Body

When I talk to women about how to be sexy in marriage, one of the most common concerns is their bodies. “I’m...

The Truth About Lusting: Why We Need to Reframe the Conversation about Men, Sin,...

Is there a difference between lusting and noticing? Lusting is a deliberate act. Sexual attraction is a hard-wired state of being over which we have no control.
fall in love

8 Ways to Fall in Love All Over Again

Schedule your next date night and don’t tell your spouse the plans. The anticipation will spark a renewed sense of fun. Practice the daily...

1 Exercise To Crank Up Your Sexual Satisfaction

Doing this may lead you to state your sexual desires that you really want your spouse to know but didn’t know how to say or ask for.

Initiating (and Declining) Sex Without Starting a Fight

For many married couples initiating sex can be an awkward moment that leads to conflict or hurt feelings. They’re not sure what...
good sex

Necessary Ingredients to Good Sex: Romance in Marriage

The sex need that rated the fifth highest among women in our survey was romance. Nearly 53% of the women placed romance as a...
husband really need sex

Does Your Husband Really NEED Sex?

Does your husband really need sex? In many marriages (but not all), sexual intimacy is very high on a husband’s list. In books like...
Valentine's Day

10 Ways to Turn Up the Heat This Valentine’s Day

Today's post about Valentine's Day from Sheila at to love, honor, and vacuum is a lot of things - insightful, romantic, practical. Hope it...

Enjoying The Sacrament of Sexual Intimacy

A lot of married couples consider their sexual relationship as an optional addition to the true substance of marriage, doing life together....
sex life

Sex Life Feel Broken? How to Rebuild It!

Today a reader is asking, “how do you reset your sex life?” What if it’s been really difficult in the past, but now...
spouse watches porn

My Spouse Watches Porn: Now What?

Today's post involves a wife asking Juli Slattery @ Authentic Intimacy what she should do if her spouse watches porn. A thought up front:...
phone addiction

Is Your Phone Addiction Harming Your Sex Life?

It’s no surprise that smart phones have changed the way we live, but what you may not realize is that your phone...
christian marriage

7 Common Christian Marriage Myths. #3 Might Surprise You!

Q: We have a Christian marriage—so why is it so painful? Shouldn’t being believers shield us from the problems we’re having? A: Many...
talking about sex

6 Tips For Talking About Sex With Your Spouse

Sex is an important aspect of most every marriage. Your sexuality plays a major role in life. It influences how you dress,...
porn kills

10 Ways Porn Kills a Marriage

Porn kills because the effects of porn are devastating. Porn kills healthy sex in marriages. Pornography is ravaging marriages. In our culture porn is treated...
50 shades of gray silly sex

50 Shades of Silly: Why ‘Grey’ Sex Isn’t All That Great

I (Josh) tend to be a contrarian, which means when marriage blogs got on an anti-50 Shades of Grey kick I kinda rolled my...

36 Conversations That Will Turn Your Spouse On

Married couples should flirt and have intimate conversations. You stoke the fire of your interest about anything (i.e., job, hobby, faith, politics,...

Acting-Out: Understanding Why We Are Unfaithful

“Why did I do it? I love my wife, I have so much to lose, why?!” Many of the men I work with...

Do You Trust the Person You’re Having Sex With?

Richard Nicastro, PhD, examines how the sexual intimacy stakes rise when you fall in love.  He highlights the conditions that either encourage...
2 ways to add romance to everyday life

2 Ways to Add Romance to Everyday Life

The loss of passionate romance is a common complaint in marriage. It seems that once the confetti and rice are swept away and the...
in bed

How To Tell Your Spouse What You Want In Bed

How do you tell your husband what you want in bed? It’s a scary thing, isn’t it? You have to be vulnerable and...
sex should feel good

Ladies: Sex Should Feel Good For You Too, So Speak Up!

We grow up assuming that good girls don’t talk about sex. We have strong feelings about sexual pleasure — sex should feel good!

Are You Entitled To a “Good” Sex Life? Maybe Not!

In marriage, one spouse will often need to nurture the sexual desire of the other. Great sex is something you develop, not deserve.

What the Enemy Wants You to Believe About Sex

Today's post from our friends at Authentic Intimacy and guest blogger Jerusha Clark is so, so, SO good. I (Josh) regularly receive emails from readers...

Understanding Sex From a Woman’s Perspective

Can men understand sex from a woman’s perspective? Or is there such a thing as a “man’s perspective” and a “woman’s perspective?”
marriage intimacy

10 Great Ways to Boost Marriage Intimacy

You can experience more marriage intimacy. Following are 10 ways to experience more intimacy with your spouse.
intimacy men need

The Intimacy Men Need But Don’t Know They Need

A blockbuster quote from a blockbuster book (Unwanted) by Jay Stringer unmasks what I have seen but been unable to describe in marriage about...
1 Corinthian 7:5

1 Corinthians 7:5 – What Does It Actually Mean?

1 Corinthians 7:5. That’s a sticky verse. The most common conflict when it comes to sex in marriage is about frequency.
ingredients to good sex spiritual intimacy

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 3 – Spiritual Intimacy

For Women: How is tending to your wife’s spiritual side a sexual need? Women all over the country have told us the same thing: "When...

Adultery Is Alarmingly Common, But It Doesn’t Have to Happen to You.

For men and women, adultery begins in the heart. And for men particularly, it begins when the heart is not guarded against...
awkward sex

Why Your Awkward Sex Life is Okay

Growing up in the Bible belt as a pre-teen, sex always seemed awkward or dirty. It was only talked about as an example of...
emotional intimacy

Men, Emotional Intimacy Might Not Come As Easy For Us, But It’s Something We...

For Part 4 in this series on marital intimacy, I’m writing again about emotional intimacy. Often when we think of intimacy our...
sex affirmations

Ingredients to Good Sex: Pt. 2 – Affirmation

For Men: Sex Affirmations "I don't understand why Josh is so withdrawn," Lila told Gary during a counseling session.  During the entire session, she had...
Of course, being physically affectionate can also be difficult when the person that you’re touching isn’t particularly affectionate, either. But don’t let awkwardness stop you, because physical touch does add a lot to a relationship.

How Being Physically Affectionate Breathes Life into Your Marriage

What do you do if touch isn’t your love language–but others in your family crave touch? On Mondays I like to put up a reader...

10 Tips for Becoming a More Romantic Husband

So what is being romantic? Love is a feeling; romance is love in action. Romance is something you do to express the love that you feel.

Don’t Let Resentment Steal Intimacy in Your Marriage

Resentment can steal intimacy in your marriage, but don't let it. Recently I was speaking at a women's gathering, and one of the women asked...

Surprise! What Men Want Most From Sex is Emotional Connection, Not a Physical Release

The results of our survey of 700 men may surprise women! What did men say was their number one sex need? Mutual...

1 Question That Will Ignite Your Marriage’s Intimacy

"God, show me one way to serve my spouse today, and give me the courage to do what you show me." That's the path to amazing intimacy.
Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice for men too. #Christianmarriage #Christianhusband #Christianwife #marriageintimacy #prayer

3 Things to Pray For Your Sex Life

Donna at wrote a great post about how to pray for your sex life. While it's written to women, this is great advice...
husband prefers sleep to sex

If Your Husband Prefers Sleep to Sex Do You Feel Rejected ?

Do you feel rejected when your husband prefers sleep to sex? What's the dynamic where he has a libido, wants sex, but it may not be everyday.
married sex

How Bad Married Sex Can Actually Be Good For You!

Steve meets Michelle. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. For our story...
wife doesn't want to have sex

10 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

I have a lot of guys who read the blog, and I get tons of emails from guys who tell me your wife doesn't...
better sex

Practice Your Way to Better Sex

For many women, sex just isn’t that great at the beginning of the marriage. This week we’ve been looking at specific ways to have better...
avoid an affair

7 Ways to Avoid an Affair (#4 is huge!)

It's worth studying how to avoid an affair. As someone who got dangerously close to an affair myself, several of these points rang true...

Do You Have Too Many or Too Few Sexual Inhibitions?

I’m talking only about scenarios where the inhibitions are a problem. If you and your spouse are fine with how inhibited you are, great!

3 Reasons Women Lose Interest In Sex.

Even though sex is a critical part of a healthy and happy marriage, many women are losing interest in intimacy with their husbands.
his and her sex nights

“His” and “Her” Sex Nights

If you want to balance getting spicy in the bedroom with feeling like you totally respect and honor each other, “his” and “hers” nights...