secret to happy marriage

The Secret to Happy Marriage (Seriously)

I've learned this secret to happy marriage: the simple response of “yes” to what our spouse asks goes a long way to communicate “I LOVE YOU.”
fall in love

How to Fall in Love All Over Again

Celebrating love usually isn’t something that “comes over” you. You don’t just sit around and wait to fall in love again.
why couples drift apart

Why Couples Drift Apart

Soccer cleats and homework aren’t the only things that get lost in the shuffle of life. Sometimes marriages get lost in the shuffle; and we wonder why couples drift apart.
marriage communication checklist

Could You Use a Marriage Communication Checklist?

This marriage communication checklist an be the foundation the Lord uses to bring love, commitment, honor and respect into our marriage.

Is It Way Too Easy for Your Husband to Push Your Anger Button?

If we want to get emotionally healthy, with ourselves and with others, we need to be willing to go below the surface of our anger.
tech and marriage

How To Talk About Tech and Marriage Boundaries

If I’m honest, most of that time is spent aimlessly scrolling through social media or texting. Maybe we could use a screen time report about tech and marriage, too.

Living Out Our Wedding Vows Day-to-Day

We must make sure that when we come to any crossroad in our marriage (that might threaten our wedding vows) we must hold to those words.
fight fair in marriage

The Secret of How to Fight Fair in Marriage

Let's learn howe to fight fair in marriage. Here are some Bible verses to keep in mind the next time you want to bring up a past wrongdoing. 
what makes a good marriage

From Frantic to Free: What Makes a Good Marriage

What makes a good marriage? We are to be our spouse’s chief encourager. What is marriage if not a place to be encouraged?
stay married during the pandemic

How To Stay Married During the Pandemic

Who would've thought we'd also have to worry about how to stay married during the pandemic! My guess is that all of this togetherness in our homes has intensified whatever the condition of your marriage was pre-virus.
reconnect with your husband

4 Strong Ways to Reconnect With Your Husband

If you feel as if the previous year–or years!–has made you grow apart, let's look again at how to reconnect with your husband.

Healthy Marriage Habits: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly

To develop a healthy marriage, it is important that two vital elements come together. First, at some point you must draw a line...
it's complicated

It’s Complicated – But It Doesn’t Have to Be

As Facebook would attest, many of us would simply say of our closest relationships in life, “It’s complicated.”
Sarcasm in Relationships Can Infect Your Marriage

Sarcasm in Relationships Can Infect Your Marriage

Sarcasm in relationships is our society’s natural pose. It’s all over media, TV shows, sitcoms, in the news, in politics. ”It’s the language of the 21st century.”
build trust

How to Build Trust in a Marriage

After being married nearly 20 years, Kristen and I work like crazy to be on the same team and to build trust with one another.
obstacles to forgiveness

3 Obstacles to Forgiveness, And How to Fight Them

Imagine this scenario: Your spouse/partner has wounded you in some way. S/he has now expressed what feels like genuine remorse to you. Maybe...

3 Biblical Ways to Support Your Husband

We’ve been talking about emotional health this month, and it reminded me of something I wrote a while back about the Queen...
clear communication

3 Easy Keys To Clear Communication.

Just because someone’s mouth is moving doesn’t mean clear communication is taking place. Clear communication is sharing yourself verbally and nonverbally in...
little annoyances

How to Minimize Marriage’s Little Annoyances.

Minimize the Little Annoyances in Marriage It’s obvious there are some marriage issues that are so big they cannot be ignored. Left unresolved,...
high sex drive

10 Questions High Sex Drive Spouses Should Ask

Are you the high sex drive husband, and you’re wondering what to do because your wife rarely wants sex? We opened the week...
heart of the matter

The Heart Is The Heart Of The Matter. How’s Yours?

Whenever a marriage self-destructs, the heart is the heart of the matter. In Proverbs 4:23, wise King Solomon offers a vivid picture of the...
you can choose

You Can Choose a Good Marriage, Starting Today.

There's a moment in the recent film The Way Back I can't stop thinking about. Ben Affleck plays a deeply troubled, alcoholic coach of...
little annoyances

Don’t Let Little Annoyances Become Huge Problems

It’s obvious there are some marriage issues that are so big they cannot be ignored. Left unresolved, these large and painful issues can...

When Helping Isn’t Helping You OR Your Spouse

The scene is a couple driving in the car on the way to dinner:Silence for several minutes.“What’s wrong?”“Nothing.”A few more minutes of...

How to Unconditionally Love An Imperfect Spouse

Chet was being a jerk at a family gathering and a relative called him out on it. On the way home, he...

Husbands Don’t Need To Be The “Tie-Breaker”

When we give husbands "tie-breaker" power, do we end up damaging intimacy? Often the best conversations on this blog don’t happen in the...
hurt your spouse

What To Do When You’ve Hurt Your Spouse

Have you ever hurt your spouse in some way? All right, so it’s a trick question. Of course you have hurt your...

How Do You Dole Out Your Household Chores?

Household chores represent probably the most pressing “minor issue” in marriage for a lot of couples because it’s a conflict that never...
quality time

Quality Time Quick Tips: Simple Ways to Connect.

I took a selfie of my wife and I recently. At the top of the page, you can see Michelle and I...

Are You Thinking About What You’re Thinking?

If we want a healthy marriage, if we want a marriage that is marked by cherishing, we have to think about what we...

Take Off The Disguise When You’re With Your Spouse

The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus. He said to them, “You are the ones who...
persevering love

Persevering Love: How To Survive the Tough Times

If you want to safeguard your marriage against the storms and struggles of life, if you want a deeper bond and a...
mental load

Husbands, Help Carry Your Wife’s Mental Load.

It’s the last day of our emotional labor and mental load series! We wrapped up the big teaching points yesterday talking about how...

Loving, Not Resenting, That Your Spouse is Different.

I have sought to suck the marrow out of life. Since I am married for life, I want to be intensely married, to explore...

3 Simple Habits For Better Communication

The ministry of serving love involves discovering and meeting needs. Being committed to serving love is one thing; knowing how to discover and...

Hero Worship: The 1 Thing That Will Kill a Marriage

It’s a cliché now for people to proclaim, “When I was a young boy, my dad was my hero. When I became...

All Marriages Are Imperfect. And All Can Improve.

“You know, your prayers are pretty shallow. Why don’t you pray a real prayer?” The young man was reeling—was she really going to leave him...

Reclaim Your Weekend In Four Simple Steps

“I ran across this blog and liked it. The word “Sabbath” means rest and I liked what Martha White had to say...
second half of marriage

The 2nd Half of Marriage. Prepping for Life Post Kids.

Emily is a gifted interior design artist. After the birth of her third child and her decision to homeschool her children, she...

Your Marriage Needs Less Tongue, Not More.

I’ve heard a lot of people comment that life right now feels like the movie “Groundhog Day”—the same thing over and over...

The Only Person You Need ISN’T Your Spouse

This week I’m excited to announce that a book I’ve been talking about for months is finally available: Together Through the Storms by Sarah...

Dare to Find the Positive During This Pandemic

As the weeks of pandemic cascade into months of avoidance of our human kind to save lives, new norms are settling in. ...

My Husband Won’t Touch Me … Now What?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Laura Doyle of Are you tired of begging for attention from your husband? If he...

4 Ways to Navigate Covid-19: A Survival Guide

Life in 2020 is filled with concerns about health, jobs, and the economy. Yet your most worrisome problem right now might not be...

3 Keys to a Healthy Family During Covid-19

“In case you missed this over the weekend, here it is in blog form. If there is anything HomeWord can do to...

How To Build a Marriage That Has No Regrets

To answer before listening, that is folly and shame. –Proverbs 18:13 Like most, I have some significant regrets in my life! I have several...
strong communication

A Strong Marriage Based on Strong Communication

Is communication a strength in your marriage? Or a weakness? Do you and your spouse connect well? Strong communication is the process of...

“True or False?” Don’t Turn Love Into a Test

This morning, I met with a group of friends to encourage each other in our marriages. As we talked, one of the...

How to Treat “Soul Cancer” In Your Marriage

So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your...

The 4 Common Mistakes Newlyweds Make

Just about every day for the last 14 years I’ve given my life to helping pre-married and newlyweds prepare for and start...