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Serving is Key to Marriage. And You Can Do It.

You may wonder if such a serving love ­really exists.Yes, it does exist. It is an expression of biblical love that is clearly seen in Jesus.

Does Your Marriage Need Some Quiet?

An essential ingredient of connecting with God and growing spiritually is pursuing quiet. In a world inherently noisy, it’s that complex too.

How to Protect a Pastor’s Married Life

Pastor Ron Edmondson shares his real-life insights about how pastors can protect their married lives. Pro tip: These 7 principles work not only for pastors, but for anyone who wants to build a healthy family life.

What Level of Conflict Are Your Marital Fights At?

Ryan and Megan thought they were fighting about the cookout. But the level of conflict of their fight was actually deeper. And that matters.

Husbands, What is God’s Expectation?

When the Bible tells husbands to love their wives like Christ loves the church, it’s calling us to an initiating, reaching-out love.