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Key to Marriage Happiness? Being Grateful

I believe we could endure a few more disappointments in life a little bit better if we asked God to open our eyes to the blessings we’ve become accustomed to. If, in other words, we asked God to make us grateful. 

Quality Time Quick Tips: Simple Ways to Connect.

So, do you save up your quality time for the big date night or is there a way to build connection throughout the week?

How to Fall in Love All Over Again

Celebrating love usually isn’t something that “comes over” you. You don’t just sit around and wait to fall in love again.

3 Types of Conflict in Marriage: Don’t Confuse Them!

I think types of conflicts in marriage can be divided into three different root causes, and each should be handled differently.

“O Holy Fight.” Navigating Conflict this Christmas

Following these 3 principles of conflict resolution can turn your marital fight into opportunities for relational growth.