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Sarcasm in Relationships Can Infect Your Marriage

Sarcasm in Relationships Can Infect Your Marriage

Sarcasm in relationships is our society’s natural pose. It’s all over media, TV shows, sitcoms, in the news, in politics. ”It’s the language of the 21st century.”

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what makes a good marriage

From Frantic to Free: What Makes a Good Marriage

What makes a good marriage? We are to be our spouse’s chief encourager. What is marriage if not a place to be encouraged?
stay married during the pandemic

How To Stay Married During the Pandemic

Who would've thought we'd also have to worry about how to stay married during the pandemic! My guess is that all of this togetherness in our homes has intensified whatever the condition of your marriage was pre-virus.
living together

Living Together – Is Marriage “Just a Piece of Paper?”

The option of living together, rather than moving into a formal marriage contract, has proliferated in our culture.

All Marriage is Difficult – Here’s Why

If my wife and I have learned one thing in our marriage, it is how to sin against each other. This is why marriage is difficult -- for everyone.
pursuing God

Pursuing God – Within Marriage

There are times and seasons for everything. But, in this post, I want to point you in a different direction. Let me tell you a story about pursuing God. 
20 years of marriage

After 20 years of Marriage, We Have Hope For 20 More

In seven months Kristen and I turn 20 years old in our marriage. our marriage is almost old enough to drink and...
marriage problems

Really? Who Doesn’t Have Marriage Problems!

Who doesn't have marriage problems? Let's be honest, marriage is hard, especially when we live in a dark and sinful world.
date nights at home

Date Nights At Home — It’s a Thing!

If we want to do something different, especially for date nights at home, we have to deliberately start a new pattern. So here’s what we do.
average marriage

Do You Have an Average Marriage or a Grace-Filled Marriage?

One simple question can help you determine whether you have an average marriage of a grace-filled marriage.

3 Ways Your Church Can Promote Healthy Marriages

To help you keep the pedal down in this area of discipleship: I’d love to three great ways your church can help promote healthy marriages.