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Your Low Libido Doesn’t Have to Stay That Way

To all those of you who wonder why you have zero libido, you may simply have an imbalance, and that’s good news. Because that can be fixed!

Is Your Marriage in Danger of an Emotional Affair?

There is such a thing as an emotional affair, as opposed to a physical affair. You can indeed be unfaithful without a sexual relationship.

My Spouse Is (Or Isn’t) a Morning Person. Help Me!

Lisa is not a morning person. She doesn’t like the sound of an alarm clock or even the 57 noise/music options on her phone. So I wake her.

Take Off The Disguise When You’re With Your Spouse

I do it because wearing a disguise is comfortable and easy, while being real requires vulnerability. Being real requires courage and risk.

Your Marriage Can Survive The Storm It Is Facing

You’ll still have to learn how to in the midst of your trials, but the truths discussed in this book will help you survive the storm.