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3 Reasons Women Lose Interest In Sex.

Even though sex is a critical part of a healthy and happy marriage, many women are losing interest in intimacy with their husbands.

How To Be Romantic Even When You’re Exhausted

Set aside one night this week where you plan for sex. It doesn't feel romantic, but it gives your spouse something to look forward to.
sexual pleasure

God Cares About Sexual Pleasure In Your Marriage.

Why is there such a disconnect for a woman to consider that God cares about her sexual pleasure? I see that most women view sex as earthy, dirty, and shameful—everything that God is not.
marriage intimacy

10 Great Ways to Boost Marriage Intimacy

You can experience more marriage intimacy. Following are 10 ways to experience more intimacy with your spouse.
sex after kids

Sex After Kids Is Challenging, But Not Impossible.

Sex after kids can’t make or break a marriage, but the results of not having sex can. For women, sex is a vessel to achieve emotional intimacy. But for men, sex is intimacy.
why do people cheat

Why People Cheat (and Whose Fault Is It?)

A cheater is solely responsible for the infidelity. Asking "why?" is less important than the cheater acknowledging it was their choice.
Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She'll Fix My Sexual Lust

Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She’ll Fix My Sexual Lust

Getting married doesn’t give you victory over sexual lust because singleness isn’t what causes lust.
boring in bed

Help! My Spouse Thinks I’m Boring In Bed.

What do you do if your husband accuses you of being boring in bed – or when your wife thinks your sex life is boring? Here are four ideas.
better sex

Want Better Sex? ONE Thing You Must STOP First

Do you want better sex? Is your spouse hungering for better sex, too? If so, what’s the one thing you must STOP first? 

Does God Want You to Have Great Sex?

Most of us have been told that great sex is possible. But for many of us, sex is just “meh” or a cause of division instead of unity.

Pornography Really IS Insidious. Here’s Why.

Pornography is powerful, insidious, and addictive.Just a mouse click away, there’s never been greater access to such a destructive evil.
life is short

Life is Short. Have Lots of Sex.

If you’re married, you really don’t have a ton of time left to have sex. Life is short. Have sex now. You won't regret it.
new things to try in bed

Sex Life Getting Stale? 10 New Things to Try in Bed

10 new things to try in bed — to be more adventurous in your sex life. We’ll start with little things first to make you more relaxed.
emotional intimacy

Emotional Intimacy: Can Men Learn It?

As much as I may not want to admit it, women are more advanced than men when it comes to emotions (and MANY other areas!). I want us to experience emotional intimacy in the way God intends and we all desire.
sexually frustrated

9 Tips for Sexually Frustrated Spouses

If you’re sexually frustrated, ask yourself what your expectations are. Your expectations may need to be tapered if they are unrealistic ...
heart of the matter

The Heart Is The Heart Of The Matter. How’s Yours?

Whenever a marriage self-destructs, the heart is the heart of the matter. But it's also the reason a marriage thrives, and you choose which!

Understanding Sex From a Woman’s Perspective

Can men understand sex from a woman’s perspective? Or is there such a thing as a “man’s perspective” and a “woman’s perspective?”
emotional affair

Emotional Affair: 10 Warning Signs

Here are the 10 signs you’re having an emotional affair. If ANY of these are happening with you OR with your spouse, please take action.
2 ways to fire up passion in bedroom

Two Ways to Fire Up Passion in the Bedroom

Good sex in your marriage takes work, but it isn't complicated. You can fire up passion in the bedroom again.
sexually satisfied marriage

Why Empathy is Key to a Sexually Satisfied Marriage

What is the key to a sexually satisfied marriage? Do you have sympathy or empathy for your spouse? It’ll show between the sheets.

Do You Have Too Many or Too Few Sexual Inhibitions?

I’m talking only about scenarios where the inhibitions are a problem. If you and your spouse are fine with how inhibited you are, great!

The Truth About Lusting: Why We Need to Reframe the Conversation about Men, Sin,...

Is there a difference between lusting and noticing? Lusting is a deliberate act. Sexual attraction is a hard-wired state of being over which we have no control.
junk sex

3 Things Junk Food and Junk Sex Have in Common.

We punish fast food restaurants, but leave the multi-billion dollar porn industry flourishing. The truth is, "junk sex" is killing us.
in the mood

10 Tips for Getting Your Wife in the Mood

If your wife never wants to sleep with you, and if sex has become rare in your marriage, what can you do to get your wife in the mood?
avoid an affair

7 Ways to Avoid an Affair (#4 is huge!)

No marriage is 100% bulletproof to temptation. As someone who got dangerously close, I needed to avoid an affair.

An Emotional Affair: How to Guard Your Marriage

Today's post from Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum is a great look at why an emotional affair is dangerous, but also preventable.
boring sex

2 Ingredients That Spice Up a Boring Sex Life

Boring sex isn't about routine. Routine can actually be a vital part of a health sex life. But don't miss adding this ingredient as well.
unhappy marriage

10 Bad Habits That Lead to an Unhappy Marriage

We hope you can learn from our mistakes and start today to reverse any of these habits you might have that lead to an unhappy marriage.

36 Conversations That Will Turn Your Spouse On

Married couples should flirt and have intimate conversations to stoke the fire of our interests. Here are 36 ideas for you.
talking about sex

6 Tips For Talking About Sex With Your Spouse

Talking about sex is one of the more difficult conversations. It's easier to talk about it with friends than your spouse? Why is that?
rekindle romance

5 Practical Ways to Rekindle Romance In Your Marriage

Have you “lost that loving feeling?” of dating and romance. We need to rekindle romance, the fun and enjoyment of marriage.
sex life

Sex Life Feel Broken? How to Rebuild It!

Sometimes circumstances turn our sex life into something negative, but don't despair. It's possible to reset your sex life!

Initiating (and Declining) Sex Without Starting a Fight

For many married couples initiating sex can be an awkward moment that leads to conflict or hurt feelings. They’re not sure what to say. They fear being rejected. This may begin to sound overwhelming, but there are few simple points to keep in mind when initiating sex with your spouse.

The 4 Common Mistakes Newlyweds Make

I’ve given my life to helping newlyweds prepare start their marriages off right. Here are four common mistakes I see them make.
bare marriage

Shouldn’t Christians Have the Best Sex?

Sex is the ultimate knowing of one another, and the ultimate expression of intimacy. The more intimate you can be with each other, the more passionate and wonderful sex will be.
golden rules

3 Golden Rules For Rekindling Romance

When the stress of life gets in the way of our romance, Cathy proactively applies what she calls the Three Golden Rules for Romance.
phone addiction

Is Your Phone Addiction Harming Your Sex Life?

25% of respondents said their phone, not their spouse, is the last thing they see at night. There's a phrase for this: phone addiction.
1 Corinthian 7:5

1 Corinthians 7:5 – What Does It Actually Mean?

1 Corinthians 7:5. That’s a sticky verse. The most common conflict when it comes to sex in marriage is about frequency.
spouse watches porn

My Spouse Watches Porn: Now What?

What can you do if your spouse watches porn? As you seek authentic intimacy in your marriage, here are a few practical steps to take.
rekindling romance

3 Golden Rules for Rekindling Romance

Many couples expect romance to just happen, but we have found that intentionality is the key to rekindling romance. When the stress of life gets in the way of our romance, Cathy and I proactively apply what we call the “Three Golden Rules for Romance.”
better sex

Practice Your Way to Better Sex

For most couples it takes years to make sex work like clockwork, where you’re both enjoying it, and you both climax. Better sex is absolutely possible, if you practice!

How Breaking Your Vows Could Save Your Marriage

If the most powerful vows are never spoken, why not speak them? If you said them out loud, would you agree with these lies about yourself?

My Husband Won’t Touch Me … Now What?

At one point it felt like my husband did everything not to touch me. Here are four ways we recaptured the magic.
in bed

How To Tell Your Spouse What You Want In Bed

"My husband and I can talk about anything. But when it comes to sex, and telling him what I like in bed I have a panic attack. What do I do?"
bad sex

Bad Sex Can Lead to a Good Marriage. Here’s the Surprising Reason Why.

Many couples endure sexual turmoil and private agony for years without knowing this is normal. And sadly, many couples end the marriage too soon before the process of working through bad sex can actually be used for their own personal development bootcamp.
christian marriage

7 Christian Marriage Myths. Does #3 Surprise You?

The hard truth about a Christian marriage is that your marriage will not be perfect just because you’re Christians. Don't buy these myths.

The Harmful Myth About a Woman’s Libido

Many women simply think that we aren’t sexual beings, Why do we reinforce a stereotype about libido that does nobody any good?
porn addiction

Porn Addiction Wrecks Marriages. Here’s How.

In our culture porn is treated as if it’s harmless, but it’s not. Porn addiction wrecks the arousal process as well as your sex life.

Acting Out: Understanding Why We Are Unfaithful

The secretive world of acting out contained for them a promise of something different, not necessarily something better or positive.
healthy sexuality

12 Ways to Tell if Resources Teach Healthy Sexuality

When it comes to teaching on healthy sexuality, how can you tell if a book, website -- or even a church -- is on point?