communication in marriage

Communication in Marriage – 3 Godly Secrets

James gave us the ultimate plan for better communication (including communication in marriage). It’s made up of three simple phrases.
great marriage

A Great Marriage Is Built Day-by-Day

Great marriage doesn’t consist solely of the big days like a wedding day and the birth of your children.

Trust Can Be Rebuilt Over Time. Here’s How.

Your spouse has blown it. You don’t trust him/her anymore. But you want to save your marriage. How can you learn to trust again?
warning signs

7 Marriage Warning Signs

Every marriage bond can slip if the couple doesn’t recognize the warning signs of stress in the marriage and address them.
marriage obstacles

5 Marriage Obstacles for Christians

Marriage isn't easy. Ron Edmondson shares the top five obstacles to having a great Christian marriage and how to start working through them.
unhappy marriage

10 Bad Habits That Lead to an Unhappy Marriage

We hope you can learn from our mistakes and start today to reverse any of these habits you might have that lead to an unhappy marriage.
security in marriage

Significance and Security in Marriage Come From God

Marriages often fail because one spouse looks to the other to completely satisfy their innate need for significance and security in marriage.
godly marriage

The Gift of Godly Marriage

Marriage is so commonplace we miss the miracle daily. Yet a godly marriage should be the cause of everyday thanks.
annual marriage getaway

4 Refreshing Benefits of an Annual Marriage Getaway

On our annual marriage getaway we slept-in, enjoyed extended time together, and experienced a few days away from the grind of daily life.
biblical husband

What God Asks of a Biblical Husband

I take my instruction as a biblical husband from the other words of Scripture, which I take to be as authoritative.

Stressed Out Spouse: 10 Ways to Help

Ever feel like your stressed out spouse is short with you? What are you going to do to help your spouse through stress? Here are 10 keys.
healthier marriage

7 Commandments of a Healthy Marriage

I’ve observed things that work and things that don’t. I think there are some necessary ingredients for a healthy marriage.
cruise control

How to Get Your Marriage Out of Cruise Control

Your married life started as a sports car accelerating through hairpin turns, but settled into a lazy freeway on cruise control. Now what?
newly married

After 20+ Years, What Would I Tell My Newly Married Self?

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the beginning to remember: Let me share what I would tell my newly married self.

Transformed Relationships, Jesus and Marriage

Wouldn’t it be a shame to take the identity of “Christian” for most of our adult lives and not become transformed or changed?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

Here are some New Year’s resolutions ideas that have the potential to actually change your marriage for the better.

Nag or Treasure? How Do You Treat Your Wife?

Pastor Brandon Cox drops an important truth bomb: when a guy continually complains that his wife is a nag, she might not be the main problem.

Marriage Lessons: 18 from 18 Years

One pastor shares the real-life marriage lessons he's learned over the last 18 years with his wife. On June 14, 1997, I married...

The First 7 Years of Marriage: 7 Suggestions

I’ve written previously about the first 7 years of marriage. We don’t know why necessarily — I have some theories — but...
protect your marriage

7 Words to Protect Your Marriage

Our marriage is always a work in progress, but we know that if we ever let up, the enemy will win. You should actively protect your marriage. Here's how:

How to Honor Your In-Laws

When you honor your in-laws, you are honoring your spouse. No matter how different you are from them, you can still show respect.
healthy marriage

Four MORE Ways to a Healthy Marriage

In search of a healthy marriage, I share four more ways couples can increase their commitment and strengthen their marriage.
strengthen your marriage

7 Suggestions to Strengthen Your Marriage

The key in those difficult times of of trouble isn’t to panic, but to intentionally work to strengthen your marriage.