kin keeping

The Emotional Labor of Kin Keeping: Why Men Should Call their Moms

When it comes to kin keeping, who does the emotional labor of keeping relationships with extended family close?

How to Honor Your In-Laws

When you honor your in-laws, you are honoring your spouse. No matter how different you are from them, you can still show respect.
vision for your family

Do You Have a Vision for Your Family?

You may have an idea of what your ideal family would look like, but do you truly have a vision for your family -- its purpose?

What To Do With A Difficult Mother-in-law

Q: My mother-in-law really has my husband under her thumb. How can I get her to back off without hurting either of...

Your Kids Become What You Model in Your Marriage

In the past six years of blogging, I’ve learned a little secret of how to get people to care about whatever marriage...

Issues With the In-Laws? Maybe You Need to Create Some Healthy Boundaries. Here’s How.

It’s important to establish healthy boundaries with your in-laws. Otherwise, you can add a lot of stress to your marriage relationship. But...
Valentine's Day

6 Great Books to Give (or Read) for Valentine’s Day

You know you love it. Or maybe not. Regardless, Valentine's Day is coming like a freight train and you might be lacking...
family origin impacts marriage

How Your Family of Origin Impacts Your Marriage Now

The term family of origin is familiar to some but many not everyone.  Everyone should have an understanding of it, being that...

I Hope My Child’s Marriage Isn’t As Happy As Mine

Today's post comes from friend, hair guru, and regular contributor at our sister site For Every Mom, Jenny Rapson. Hope you enjoy!! A long, long...
fuel marriage

Running on Empty? Here’s How to Keep Your Marriage’s Fuel Tank Full

Today's marriage tip comes from Patrick Schwenk as a guest blogger for Gary Thomas's site. It leads to a great question: what's one way...

3 Ways to Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Here's a timely article from our friends at on how to keep the holidays from harming your marriage. Enjoy! Holidays used to be really...

What to Do When You Disagree About Parenting

1. Practice the “Same Team Mentality” in front of the kids. Smart parents know that kids will do what it takes to get their way....

10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage

Here are 10 actions that I know my kids have observed from us over the year: 1. Affection: Cathy & I are very affectionate and...