toxic people

How To Protect Your Holidays From Toxic People.

My life (and counsel) changed when I did an in-depth study of how Jesus spoke to and then treated toxic people, Here's what I learned.

How to Honor Your In-Laws

When you honor your in-laws, you are honoring your spouse. No matter how different you are from them, you can still show respect.

Nag or Treasure? How Do You Treat Your Wife?

Pastor Brandon Cox drops an important truth bomb: when a guy continually complains that his wife is a nag, she might not be the main problem.
kin keeping

The Emotional Labor of Kin Keeping: Why Men Should Call their Moms

When it comes to kin keeping, who does the emotional labor of keeping relationships with extended family close?

Anniversary Celebrations: 30 Unique Ideas

Every married couple wants to celebrate their anniversary in a fun and memorable way. Here are 30 ideas you can steal or borrow!
family origin impacts marriage

How Your Family of Origin Impacts Your Marriage Now

Whether you're familiar with the term or not, your family origin impacts marriage in critical ways, for good or bad. Find out how.

How to Protect a Pastor’s Married Life

Pastor Ron Edmondson shares his real-life insights about how pastors can protect their married lives. Pro tip: These 7 principles work not only for pastors, but for anyone who wants to build a healthy family life.

Issues from Your In-Laws? What Can You Do?

It’s important to establish healthy boundaries with your in-laws. Otherwise, you can add a lot of stress to your marriage relationship. But how do you go about it?
financial issues

4 Tips For Fixing Financial Issues In Your Marriage

Financial issues often stem from how we were raised. No matter how you were raised, it's probably safe to say your spouse was most likely raised with very different “money values” than you. How can you bridge that divide?
husband to christ

4 Ways To Help Win Your Husband To Christ

Having walked through this with many families, here are some suggestions that work for wives in helping to win their husband to Christ.

Your Kids Become What You Model in Your Marriage

We care more about our kids’ happiness than we do about our marriage. The irony is that a happy marriage IS how you raise happy kids.

What To Do With A Difficult Mother-in-law

My mother-in-law really has my husband under her thumb. How can I get her to back off without hurting either of their feelings?

Stressed Out Spouse: 10 Ways to Help

Ever feel like your stressed out spouse is short with you? What are you going to do to help your spouse through stress? Here are 10 keys.

Unintentional Marriage Injuries — 7 Harms

Guys, we injure our wives. All of us do. And, most of the time, it’s unintentional. We didn’t even know we were doing it.
kids learn from their parents' marriage

10 Things Kids Learn from Their Parents’ Marriage

Like everyone else, we don’t have a perfect marriage. But we’re both very proud of what we’ve developed over the years. Here are 10 things that I know that kids learn from their parents' marriage.
A Good Marriage Is Still Possible After Having Kids

A Good Marriage Is Still Possible After Having Kids

In fact it’s well documented that many couples start believing they have a good marriage. Then they have kids and those kids become teenagers and the satisfaction continues to drop until the kids leave the home.

Serving is Key to Marriage. And You Can Do It.

You may wonder if such a serving love ­really exists.Yes, it does exist. It is an expression of biblical love that is clearly seen in Jesus.

3 Ways to Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Unmet expectations. Unspoken expectations.Short fuses. How can you have a happy Thanksgiving with your family?
Valentine's Day

6 Great Books to Give (or Read) for Valentine’s Day

You know you love it. Or maybe not. Regardless, Valentine's Day is coming like a freight train and you might be lacking...

I Hope My Child’s Marriage Isn’t As Happy As Mine

Today's post comes from friend, hair guru, and regular contributor at our sister site For Every Mom, Jenny Rapson. Hope you enjoy!! A long, long...
fuel marriage

Running on Empty? Here’s How to Keep Your Marriage’s Fuel Tank Full

Today's marriage tip comes from Patrick Schwenk as a guest blogger for Gary Thomas's site. It leads to a great question: what's one way...

What to Do When You Disagree About Parenting

1. Practice the “Same Team Mentality” in front of the kids. Smart parents know that kids will do what it takes to get their way....

10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage

Here are 10 actions that I know my kids have observed from us over the year: 1. Affection: Cathy & I are very affectionate and...