godly marriage

The Gift of Godly Marriage

Marriage is so commonplace we miss the miracle daily. Yet a godly marriage should be the cause of everyday thanks.
tough times

Four Comforting Truths to Remember in Tough Times

Do the hard work during tough times. In the process both of you will become closer to the best version of who God made your marriage will be.
fall in love

How to Fall in Love All Over Again

Celebrating love usually isn’t something that “comes over” you. You don’t just sit around and wait to fall in love again.
91 years married

91 Years Married – Persevering Love

Is the passage of time a friend or foe to your marriage today? Making it to 91 years married doesn't happen by chance.

79 Hobbies for Couples to do TOGETHER!

Married couples need to have some fun together! And one of the best ways to do that is to find hobbies for couples.

All Marriage is Difficult – Here’s Why

If my wife and I have learned one thing in our marriage, it is how to sin against each other. This is why marriage is difficult -- for everyone.
20 years of marriage

After 20 years of Marriage, We Have Hope For 20 More

In seven months Kristen and I turn 20 years old in our marriage. our marriage is almost old enough to drink and...
first seven years of marriage

7 Keys for the First Seven Years of Marriage

If we had it to do over, these are things I’d make sure we did as a couple to get a good, solid start to the first seven years of marriage.

It’s Important To Be Friends With Other Married Couples

Is it important to build and maintain friendships with other couples? Yes! Having friendships with other couples is very important. We tell...

How To Find The Other Side of Discouragement.

Have you ever faced a difficult season only to have friends tell you to trust in God? While you know their advice...

Loving, Not Resenting, That Your Spouse is Different.

I have sought to suck the marrow out of life. Since I am married for life, I want to be intensely married, to explore...

Stuck at Home? Here are 11 Links To Help Mix It Up.

When you’re stuck at home, caring for both yourself and your relationships can become a challenge. However, there are ways couples can do...

Reclaim Your Weekend In Four Simple Steps

“I ran across this blog and liked it. The word “Sabbath” means rest and I liked what Martha White had to say...
second half of marriage

The 2nd Half of Marriage. Prepping for Life Post Kids.

Emily is a gifted interior design artist. After the birth of her third child and her decision to homeschool her children, she...

Think About It: Who You Focus On Is Who You Love

Do you want to cultivate and enjoy a great marriage? Do you want to be more energized and less discouraged, regardless...

Dare to Find the Positive During This Pandemic

As the weeks of pandemic cascade into months of avoidance of our human kind to save lives, new norms are settling in. ...

Toxic People Can Poison a Fruitful Marriage

When I start writing a book, I wear the hat of an explorer. I have a general destination in mind, but I...
celebrating love

Celebrating Love Is How a Marriage Lasts Forever

No one gets married thinking their love for their spouse will fade. We go in believing those butterflies we felt when we...

3 Keys to a Healthy Family During Covid-19

“In case you missed this over the weekend, here it is in blog form. If there is anything HomeWord can do to...

How to Love a Spouse Struggling with Depression

So, as a loving husband or wife, what do you do if you feel like your spouse is being swallowed up by depression?...
negative emotion

Negative Emotion is Vital For a Healthy Relationship

In preparation for my shiny new blog plan (month long themes complete with corresponding love experiments, social media posts and podcast episodes),...
make me laugh

“Don’t Make Me Laugh!” (Is Bad Marriage Advice)

You've heard the phrase "don't make me laugh!" a million times ... but this is the opposite approach we should take to...

10 Tips for Becoming a More Romantic Husband

We’re continuing our monthly series from our book, The 5 Sex Needs of Men and Women. We’ve already hit the top 4...

Stressed? Here’s God’s Solution For Anxious Couples

They were so absorbed in their “God projects” that they didn’t notice God right in front of them, like a huge rock...
perfect marriage

Help, My Imperfect Spouse Is Ruining My Perfect Marriage!

Q: Well, the honeymoon is over and I’ve discovered that my spouse is not perfect. Now what? A: Your wedding may have been...
words of encouragement

Words of Encouragement Can Revolutionize Your Marriage. Here’s How.

It’s been exactly a year since Lisa went into surgery to have her tumor removed. That morning, she told me she wanted...
rekindle romance

5 Practical Ways to Rekindle Romance In Your Marriage

A friend recently asked me the following questions about how to rekindle romance: “What do you do for fun as a couple? What...
bored with your marriage

What To Do If You’re Bored With Your Marriage

Want to know what to do if you're bored with your marriage? Here's helpful information if you're feeling bored with your marriage.  Q:...

Inject Some A.W.E. Into Your Marriage.

There’s never a better time than today to recommit to some basic marriage principles that can strengthen your bonds and inject a fresh...
how to have self control

About to Lose Your Cool? Here’s How to Have Self Control During an Argument

I hear stories all the time about how couples have lost it in an argument. One of them hears something that triggers their...

The Key To Being Happy In Your Marriage is Being Grateful For What You...

Nicolas Rolin frolicked, adulterized, gambled, and even murdered his way through the fifteenth century until he looked mortality in the face and...

The “Seven-Year-Itch” Is Real … But You Can Avoid It.

My husband and I are leading a Bible study with mostly newlywed couples. After a few weeks, we noticed how often we...

Delight: The Secret Ingredient of a Great Marriage

Can a celibate nun who was born over five hundred years ago unlock the secret to a more intimate marriage? Yes, she can. In...
how to write a love letter

Not Sure How to Write a Love Letter? Here Are 100 Love Letter Prompts

If you want to know how to write a love letter, check out this best list of love letter prompts on the...
wife's sexual needs

How to Meet Your Wife’s Sexual Needs

We’ve shared a lot the last few months about what your wife’s sexual needs are – and what happens if you don’t...

How to Ask For What You Need Without Arguing

Sometimes you just have to ask your husband for what you need! I’ve been talking all month about how to change the dynamic...

Angry? The Right Question To Ask Isn’t “What?” But “Why?”

In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. –Psalm 4:4 Recently, I had...
how to love

The Greatest Gift Marriage Offers Us Isn’t What You Think

Today's post from Gary Thomas is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. We think marriage is a place to receive...
bids for connection

Bids for Connection: The Tool This Expert Says Is the Secret to Great...

It’s not big, blow out fights that wreck a marriage. It’s how we treat each other day to day. And that’s why...

Messy v. Neat Freak: How to Navigate the Cleanliness War In Your Marriage

Q: One of us is very neat, but the other is very messy. How can we keep from driving each other crazy? A:...
have other friends

Why Your Spouse NEEDS You To Have Other Friends

There’s something wonderful you can do for your marriage that will feed and protect it.  I’m not talking about reading a marriage...

Want a Happier Marriage? Practice the Power of Positivity

One of the most often asked questions I get related to relationships is, “What are key ingredients that make up a successful relationship?” The...

4 Ways To Build A Strong Community That Supports Your Marriage

We all need a marriage community – a support system around us of couples our age, and maybe a mentor couple that’s a...

Your Day Isn’t Complete Until You’ve Served Your Spouse

The way Lisa treats me might make some young women nauseous, because she serves me like we’re living in a 1950s sitcom....

If the Devil Can’t Make You Bad, He’ll Make You Busy

“If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy!” That’s what a friend of mine wrote me on the day...

Prayer Will Supercharge Your Marriage (Including Your Sex Life!)

Hi Thriving Marriages community, this is Josh, the guy bringing you this content each day. In addition to running this site I...
Christian marriage

The 1 Thing Your Christian Marriage Needs More Than Passion

Your Christian marriage needs this more than passion. One thought from Angela Duckworth’s book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance struck me as...
These 20 ways to say i love you to your spouse are great for Valentine's Day romance. But they're also good for any day you want to show love to your spouse and strengthen your marriage. #spiceupmarriage #marriageintimacy #christianmarriage #marriageadvice #marriagegoals #Valentine #Valentinesday #love #iloveyou #lovelanguages

20 Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

These are great ways at Valentine's Day or any time of the year to say I love you to your spouse.
married sex

How Bad Married Sex Can Actually Be Good For You!

Steve meets Michelle. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. For our story...

Your Spouse is More Important Than Work

It seems like this conversation happened just yesterday, but it actually happened before Cathy and I had kids. I was a youth...