How to Survive When Your Marriage is Under Attack

Today's post comes from Live Your Best Marriage. In a few weeks my husband and I will celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. It’s been an exciting...
if only

What To Do With The “If Only” Regrets of Life

I find that “if only” pops up in conversations with people where it’s clear they are living in regret over the decisions they’ve made.

Forgiveness is at the Core of Every Happy Marriage

God invites us to make it a priority not only to practice forgiveness occasionally, but to keep forgiving…all the time if need be.
Christian marriage

The 1 Thing Your Christian Marriage Needs More Than Passion

Your Christian marriage needs this more than passion. One thought from Angela Duckworth’s book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance struck me as...

This 1 Powerful Truth Will Change How You See Your Spouse

Gary Thomas sets up this post on his own, so I'll keep my setup brief: you should read this!  This post continues an ongoing series,...
avoid marital heart attack

How to Avoid a Marital “Heart Attack”

One of the most significant, and hardest, parts of my marriage has been dealing with my past. Like so, so, so many people I...

What Mission Is Your Marriage is Called To?

We were married for a mission. When we give away our life, we find it. When we focus outside our marriage, we end up strengthening it.
god prioritize men in marriage

Does God Prioritize Men in Marriage?

One of the biggest theological/cultural disagreements in Christian circles is how God feels about the role of men and women in marriage. Our friend...
Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She'll Fix My Sexual Lust

Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She’ll Fix My Sexual Lust

Getting married doesn’t give you victory over sexual lust because singleness isn’t what causes lust.
new year resolution for marriage

The New Year’s Resolution That Will Save Your Marriage

I've never liked New Year's Resolutions. There are already about 18 current areas I want to improve in, so adding something to that list...
first wedding

My First Wedding: “Three for Eternity, Please.”

I officiated my first wedding and realized that the best seat is when you get to stand before the bride and groom and do the service.

Search For Significance, Not Others’ Ideas of Success

Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rules of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials...
praying with your husband

10 Tips for Praying With Your Husband

Praying with your husband can be challenging. Many of us aren’t comfortable praying out loud, and so we’re not sure how to bring prayer into our marriage.
out of debt

Get Out of Debt Fast, With These 10 Steps.

Debt can cause all kinds of stress in a marriage. Have you found yourself feeling hopeless, like there's no way to get...
words of encouragement

Words of Encouragement Can Revolutionize Your Marriage. Here’s How.

Let’s be our spouse’s chief encourager. No one else can offer them words of encouragement the way we can. It’s our job to survey whatever threatens our spouse’s physical and spiritual well-being and cooperate with God to say, “I have some good news for you. Some wonderful news…”
how to love

The Greatest Gift Marriage Offers Us Isn’t What You Think

Today's post from Gary Thomas is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. We think marriage is a place to receive...

4 Ways to Keep Fighting When You Want to Give Up

Don’t despair. No matter how ugly the fighting is now, it’s only temporary. Eternity is just around the corner. Hang in there!

Should You Bring It Up, Or Let It Go?

For most of my marriage, I’ve had this question, that I just COULDN’T puzzle out. It is this: when...

Your Past Can Be a Benefit, Not a Barrier, In Your Sex Life

In our house, we like this show called Impossible Engineering. It’s documentary style and the basic premise is they look at a phenomenal...

Shame Doesn’t Get the Last Word In Your Marriage

I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I looked into the mirror after being date raped in college. I stood...

1 Secret Every Man Must Know About Their Wives

This secret applies to women and men: if you really want to change your marriage, you have to understand the secret where you have power.

Inject Some A.W.E. Into Your Marriage.

There’s never a better time than today to recommit to some basic marriage principles that can strengthen your bonds and inject a fresh wave of intimacy into your relationship. Here's how to inject some "A.W.E." into your marriage. 
christian marriage

Christian Marriage – Pilgrims Traveling Same Path

The Apostle Peter sets Christian marriage on the highest plane possible—husbands and wives possess the same eternal inheritance.

Godly Marriage Brings Spiritual Transformation

A marriage which does bring transformation is no marriage at all. Godly marriage always brings transformation.

The Weak Spot in Your Marriage Isn’t Your Spouse

"Marriage is kind of like beach volleyball—marriage in a bikini." Learn a surprising lesson about your marriage's weak spot.
trinity in marriage

Finding the Trinity in Your Marriage

The more I learn about God, the more convinced I am that intimacy is at the core of human existence. We are made, first and...

Truly Loving Your Spouse Means Protecting Them

If you cherish some thing, you are committed to protecting it. In the same way, if you cherish some one, you will protect...
christian marriage

7 Christian Marriage Myths. Does #3 Surprise You?

The hard truth about a Christian marriage is that your marriage will not be perfect just because you’re Christians. Don't buy these myths.

The 1 Thing Your Wife Needs You to Do For Her Every Day

2922 days ago on 31 March 2006 I married my wonderful and beautiful wife. On that day I made a commitment to...
how to affair proof your marriage and danger of emotional amnesia

Affair-Proof Your Marriage: emotional amnesia

This is part 3 of a series called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage.” While each week can stand alone, here are part 1 and...

A Marriage That Can’t Forgive, Won’t Survive

Miranda had been spending money on a secret credit card for months. She hid receipts, she removed price tags, she sometimes even...
choice paralysis struggling marriage

The Danger of ‘Choice Paralysis’ When Your Marriage is Struggling

Today's post comes from Gary Thomas and is an adaptation from his new book Loving Him Well: Practical Advice for Influencing Your Husband. While the...
God's will

1 Surprising Way to Discover God’s Will

One of the Bible's under-appreciated themes is the dozens of different ways he speaks. God's will is found through a burning bush, out of...
importance of leaving for sake of marriage

The Importance of “Leaving” for the Sake of Your Marriage

Mark: Yesterday at church, our pastor, Mike Baker, preached on Genesis 12:1-9. It’s the story of when God told Abram he needed to leave where...

Your Day Isn’t Complete Until You’ve Served Your Spouse

The way Lisa treats me might make some young women nauseous, because she serves me like we’re living in a 1950s sitcom....

When a Pregnancy Doesn’t Go As Planned

I was so impressed by Katie Westenberg's post yesterday I went to her site - I Choose Brave - and found her four part blog...
what vacation reveal about marriage

What a Vacation Reveals About Your Marriage

Today's post from Gary Thomas begins talking about vacations before transitioning to something way more universal ... and convicting. There isn't a marriage that...

A Healthy Marriage Flows From a Forgiven Past

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners–and I was the worst of them all. But that is why God had...

Delight: The Secret Ingredient of a Great Marriage

I’m leaning on Teresa to rediscover the joys and fulfillment (not just duty and obligation) of prayer. We can learn how to marshal the positive power of spiritual delight. Teresa is adamant that the only thing that wooed her away from sin were the superior pleasures she enjoyed while communing with God.

5 Steps to Freedom from Shame

When I was in elementary school, I was molested by a family member. That same family member introduced me to porn for the first...
7 prayers for a struggling marriage

7 Prayers for a Struggling Marriage

While not every marriage is struggling right this moment, nearly all marriages hit crisis moments at some point in time. Today's post from Elizabeth Klein is a great guide for prayers for a struggling marriage.
what is love agape

What Is Love? (and why are we so bad at it?)

Back in 1993 the band Haddaway released a dance track called "What is Love?" You might remember it from this old SNL skit. The...
spiritual intimacy

7 Tips for Increasing the Spiritual Intimacy in Your Marriage

Today's post comes from our friends over at Homeword. They have a lot of great resources, especially for parents, so give their site a...
marriage under spiritual attack

Is Your Marriage Under Spiritual Attack?

Is your marriage under spiritual attack? We don't talk very often about the spiritual warfare marriages face, but it's very real, and very important....

Communication is a Kind of Communion

There’s no doubt about it: Communication is vital in marriage. When couples don’t share their lives and hearts with each other consistently, the atmosphere in...
4 steps to forgiveness

4 Steps to Forgiveness

My wife and I went on a much-needed date night last night and - after 15 minutes of looking at each other and wondering...

The #1 Marriage Killer … and How to Get Rid of It

Over the years, we’ve heard many sad stories from people. A lot of these people were on the brink of separation or divorce, or...
covid 19

How to Love Your Spouse During Covid-19

Let's talk about Covid-19 for a second. Or wait, let's not. Not yet. Instead let's talk about how the movie About Time isn't a...

4 Ways to Provide the Spiritual Intimacy Your Wife Craves

Spiritual intimacy in my (Josh's) marriage has always been tough. It's the most vulnerable part of me, and opening that up to my wife...

Don’t be Pig-Pen. Practice Self-Control Each Day.

We are no longer slaves to sin. For when we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin…...