little annoyances

Don’t Let Little Annoyances Become Huge Problems

Identifying little annoyances allows you to train yourself to let them go, and refuse to give them power over your attitude.
high sex drive

10 Questions High Sex Drive Spouses Should Ask

Are you the high sex drive husband, and you’re wondering what to do because your wife rarely wants sex? Here are 10 questions you should ask.

All Marriage is Difficult – Here’s Why

If my wife and I have learned one thing in our marriage, it is how to sin against each other. This is why marriage is difficult -- for everyone.

Husbands: God Doesn’t Want You to Change Your Wife

God has not called you to change your wife. Instead, He has commanded you to love her as Christ loves the church.

Healing From Your Past Is Hard. It’s Also Worth It.

Often the familiarity of bondage is more appealing than the fear and pain of deliverance. Sometimes healing is more scary than hurting.
fresh start

It’s Never Too Late For a Fresh Start.

Let me share some good news. It doesn’t matter what age you are; a fresh start is possible for everything and everybody. Even your marriage.

Trying to Control Your Spouse is Toxic

Trying to control someone in marriage, parenting, or the church, is evil. The Bible recognizes authority, but takes a stand against control.
stop being a doormat

How (and When) to Stop Being a Doormat

Sometimes we get in a rut in marriage where we actually hurt our spouses because we enable sin. Sometimes we need to learn how to stop being a doormat.
fighting about money

Stop Fighting About Money – 10 Ways Forward

Fighting about money is the number one predictor of divorce, so having a game plan going into financial discussions is a crucial part of a healthy marriage. Discover more about ways to stop fighting about money.
confrontation in marriage

How to Win Every Confrontation in Your Marriage

In confrontation in marriage, this rule of thumb has proved itself to be true over and over again: The one who listens the best first wins. 

The Surprising Secret for Marital Satisfaction

Today's post comes from Gary Thomas, who offers what might be a surprising spiritual secret for marital satisfaction. 

Staying Power: 5 Signs Your Marriage Will Make It

People often ask us, how can I tell if my marriage has staying power? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but here are 5 keys.

Ruthlessly Pursue Reconciliation With Your Spouse

This isn’t just about our marriage; it’s about our discipleship before God. Ruthlessly pursuing reconciliation is a command from Jesus.
mental load

Husbands, Help Carry Your Wife’s Mental Load.

Women’s mental load is not a problem with men as much as it is a problem with the way our whole culture sees the responsibilities of women.

Angry Spouses: Here’s 1 Way To Change Today.

The goal in confronting anger is to bring the relationship to a place of healing that will help you feel accepted and connected again.
how to fight

How to Fight Fair: 25 Tips for Better Arguments

Everyone has fights in their marriage, but not everyone knows how to fight. Not all conflict is created equal: some conflict brings you closer together while some leaves you farther apart. So how do you fight fair in your marriage? How do you fight in a way that leaves you more bonded, connected, and in love? 
family origin impacts marriage

How Your Family of Origin Impacts Your Marriage Now

Whether you're familiar with the term or not, your family origin impacts marriage in critical ways, for good or bad. Find out how.

“O Holy Fight.” Navigating Conflict this Christmas

Following these 3 principles of conflict resolution can turn your marital fight into opportunities for relational growth.
giving too much

Are You Giving Too Much This Holiday Season?

Not only is giving too much mentality unhealthy for the giver, it is also unhealthy for the taker. It fuels a relational dysfunction pattern.

How to Love a Spouse Struggling with Depression

When supporting a spouse dealing with depression, there are going to be difficult days. In these moments, choose to be patient.

Husbands Don’t Need To Be The “Tie-Breaker”

If people are so sure they need a tie-breaker in their marriage, chances are they’ve lived life taking shortcuts to finding a real solution.
level of conflict

What Level of Conflict Are Your Marital Fights At?

Ryan and Megan thought they were fighting about the cookout. But the level of conflict of their fight was actually deeper. And that matters.
fight fair

You Can Fight Well If You Fight Fair. Here’s How.

Here are a few helpful things you can do in order to handle your inevitable conflicts and learn to fight fair.

Attunement: This Odd Word Can Save Your Marriage

Have you ever had someone truly understand your feelings? That was attunement. It was empathy. It felt like they understood your experience.

Marriage-Ruining Explosions Start As Small Sins

Address those issues that make it difficult for your spouse to cherish you. Don’t wait for explosions to address the weaknesses in your life.

When Helping Isn’t Helping You OR Your Spouse

We are often taught to look out for others. Or to serve one another. Especially our spouse! So how can helping be a bad thing?

In-Laws An Issue? Here’s What To Do About It.

These family conflicts are tough because your attitude toward your in-laws can undermine the most important relationship—with your spouse.
character trait

A Negative Character Trait CAN Change. Here’s How.

Changing a negative character trait is simply growing as a Christian and a human being. It's letting God refine us.

Don’t Avoid Conflict, Treat it Like an Adventure.

The one factor present in all adventures is conflict. In order to have an adventure, you need some sort of obstacle to overcome.

Tired of All the Fighting? Maybe You’re Just Tired!

Our fights are either started by, perpetuated by or intensified by one of us being tired.  It just makes every problem seem worse than it is.

Toxic People Can Poison a Fruitful Marriage

If we value fruitfulness as Jesus does, then literally, all of us need to weed out the toxic relationships that are around our marriage.

Ultimatums Are Bad, Right? Actually, They’re VITAL For a Thriving Marriage. Here’s Why.

But, you say, there’s no such thing as ultimatums in marriage. Really? Sure there are. Only they’re disguised as boundaries, conditions, even as love. It’s time we each wake up and realize there are conditions with love and relationships.
broken trust

Can Broken Trust Can Be Restored?

Your spouse has blown it. You don’t trust him/her anymore. But you want to save your marriage, despite your broken trust. How can you learn to heal? You’re going to need to rebuild your marriage from the bottom up.

The Two Words that Kill a Marriage

Do you know what two words will kill a marriage? Many couples get caught in this two-word trap. Here's how you can break free.
types of conflict

3 Types of Conflict in Marriage: Don’t Confuse Them!

I think types of conflicts in marriage can be divided into three different root causes, and each should be handled differently.

Selfishness is the #1 Threat to Your Marriage’s Health

Often cited as the number one problem is the lack of communication. I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe there's a deeper problem.

“My Husband Enjoys Football More Than Me!”

My husband seems to enjoy watching football more than he enjoys spending time with me. How can I get him to take more interest in us?

Marriage Fight Club: How to Have a Good Argument

It’s not a matter of if, but when, you will have an argument, but did you know there is a right way to do it? Arguments can be a good thing.
love is a choice

What to Do When You’re Not Feeling It

What do you do when you're not feeling it? Most marriages go through this. You might not want to hear it, but love is a choice.
how to forgive

How to Forgive Your Spouse After An Affair

An affair does not have to be the end of your marriage. Here's how to forgive your spouse after an affair. It’s difficult, but it can happen.

When Little Fights Become Big Problems

The moment you do or say something that hurts your spouse, you stand at a fork in the road, whether you are aware of it or not.
following Jesus

“I’m Faithfully Following Jesus, So Why Is My Marriage Such a Mess?”

Many Christians walk away from their faith because what they know about following Jesus isn’t consistent with the loneliness they face.

Trust Can Be Rebuilt Over Time. Here’s How.

Your spouse has blown it. You don’t trust him/her anymore. But you want to save your marriage. How can you learn to trust again?
words hurt

Words Hurt, So Don’t Say Everything You Think.

When someone exhausts your patience and you want to hit back with a comeback zinger... just don't. Words hurt, and are never worth it. 
love languages

Can Love Languages Be Harmful For Your Marriage?

Love languages are great as tools to demonstrate love, but can they sour your relationship?
loop of conflict

Marriages that Last Close the “Loop of Conflict”

Couples trapped in a cycle of offense-hurt-anger with no idea of how to resolve their differences are caught in an “open loop of conflict.”

In-Laws Causing Issues? What Can You Do?

It’s important to establish healthy boundaries with your in-laws. Otherwise, you can add a lot of stress to your marriage relationship. But how do you go about it?
why do people cheat

Why Do People Cheat in Relationships, And Whose Fault Is It?

If your spouse has an affair, are you partially to blame? Why do people cheat in relationships anyway?  That’s been something I’ve been...

Punishment Is Not An Acceptable Relational Tool

Punishment is connected to our instinctive reactions to pain. (In fact, the word “pain” comes from the same root word as “punishment.”)...

Sometimes Your Spouse Doesn’t Want Your Help. Here’s Why.

In married life we can misread and overstep our bounds. Even when this is under the umbrella of trying to help, beware...