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Your Wife’s Greatest Need

What is your wife’s greatest need? 2922 days ago on 31 March 2006 I married my wonderful and beautiful wife. On that day I made a commitment to the LORD that each and every day I would PRAY for my wife.

I will offer to thee the sacrifice of prayer and will call upon the name of the LORD”. – Psalms 116:17

Since that glorious day I have fulfilled that promise to GOD. Now honestly I don’t see it as any sacrifice. I am overjoyed to bring my wife before the LORD.

Looking at the troubled state of marriage in society today both inside and outside of the church I honestly believe that if more men prayed, I mean truly prayer for their wife, we would have far less divorce. Bringing a person before our Heavenly Father is one of the most loving and caring things you can do.

I am not saying that you must say some long theologian prayer just start praying every day for her. My wife has many health issues so I bring these before the Father. Many times I just thank GOD for bring my wife into my life.

1st Thessalonians 5:17 tells us “Pray without ceasing”. Now I understand we live in a busy world. However most of us find time to text and email. We spend time on social media. Men, how about a little less time on email and more time on “knee mail”. Spend time through the day lifting up your wife.

Asking GOD to protect her and strengthen her. For myself I like to take time during breaks at work just lifting up my wife in prayer.

Men we live in a world where blended families are becoming the norm. When my wonderful wife and I got married a very special blessing came along. An awesome 8yr old(now 18) young lady. Not one ounce of my dna but she is my daughter. I lift her up each day just as I do my wife. If we prayed more for our children they might have a better future.

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Not trying to preach to you here but praying for your wife is key to your marriage. See marriage is a partnership between GOD, the husband, and the wife.

In Prayer, GOD is not there as a silent partner.

HE desires to be there as the cornerstone of your marriage. Lift your wives up high men. Lift them up to the LORD daily and generously. You will see such a difference it will make.