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Not Sure How to Write a Love Letter? Here Are 100 Love Letter Prompts

If you want to know how to write a love letter, check out this best list of love letter prompts on the Internet! Guaranteed to fill your partner’s love tank.

A few years ago, Rich spent two months in Brazil for work.

Since we had two little kids (and I was pregnant!) and alone, our connection normally would have taken a big hit during this time.

Rich was busy and stressed with the responsibility of getting all his experiments to work in rural conditions. I was busy and stressed with a one year old and a three year old.

But despite the busyness, despite the stress we both felt, this two-month was a period of our marriage where we connected more deeply than maybe ever before.

Say WHAT?!


Two words:



Rich had the amazing idea to send love letters to each other every day we were separated.

I was SORELY disappointed at what Google had to offer us at the time in ways of love letter prompts, so we made up our own.

Some creative, some touching, some reminiscing, others silly.

The list below includes those prompts along with many others we’ve used through the years.

All tried and tested.

All will strengthen your connection to your spouse, guaranteed.

And these aren’t just for when you are apart.

Here are just a few ideas of how to use these love note prompts:

How to Use the Love Letter Prompts:

  • Each year on your anniversary, write them a love letter for each year you’ve been married (use 5 love letter prompts to fill out 5 love letters on your 5th anniversary, 15 on your 15th, etc).
  • Declare a month of love letters. Pick 30 of your favorite prompts and email your answer to your partner, one each day for the whole month! Think of how full their love tank would be at the end of the month!!
  • When your partner is feeling down, or you’re in a rut in your marriage, make it a week of love. Pick 7 favorite prompts and text them the answer to the prompts one a day for a week.
  • Buy a cute notebook. Take a few days or weeks or months to copy and fill out all 100 love note prompts, then give it to your spouse for an anniversary, birthday Valentine’s day or Christmas present. Wow! What a gift!!
  • If you are going to be out of town or separated for a chunk of time, start from the top and email each other your answers to the prompts one per day. (Rich and I did this when he was in Brazil for 2 months and our marriage had never been better even though we were apart!)
  • Go old school and MAIL your partner a love letter (yes even if you live together, everyone loves getting an actual letter in the mail) each week!
  • Write out 10 love letters using the prompts and seal them each separately in an envelope. For a birthday gift or just when your partner needs some love, hide the letters around the house- in drawers, in their coat pocket, in their car, in the fridge, sky is the limit. How fun to find each one.
  • Fill out one love letter prompt per day for 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. We do this each year on Marriage Laboratory. You can follow along (and get the free printables herehere and here)

100 Love Letter Prompts:

  1. Describe a meaningful gift you’ve received from your partner.
  2. When did you first know you were falling in love?
  3. What is something you are proud of your partner for overcoming?
  4. Describe a favorite vacation you’ve taken together.
  5. What is a life lesson you’ve learned from being with your partner?
  6. Reminisce about some of the best stay-at-home dates you’ve had.
  7. What activity makes you feel closest to your partner?
  8. If you were to create a couple’s bucket list- what would be on it?
  9. What are three things your partner does that make you feel loved?
  10. What song reminds you of your partner? Why? Write out the lyrics.
  11. Describe a favorite movie-watching experience with your partner.
  12. What life events have brought you closer together? Maybe even unexpectedly?
  13. What is your favorite outfit of your partner’s? Which outfit brings back fond memories?
  14. What is a text message or email your partner has sent lately that made you feel loved?
  15. What is something your partner does that gets you in the mood?
  16. Describe a time you thought your partner was an especially hard worker.
  17. How is your spouse different from others you’ve dated in the past?
  18. Name a fear you’ve seen your partner overcome.
  19. Tell about a fun memory from your honeymoon. Or the best vacation you’ve had together.
  20. What are your favorite three ways your partner shows you they love you?
  21. Describe a time in your history where you were not on the same page as your partner and then how you resolved that together.
  22. Tell your partner something about yourself that you’ve never told them before.
  23. In what ways is your partner easy to live with?
  24. Have you ever experienced a miracle together? What was it?
  25. If you have an unscheduled lazy, Saturday afternoon, what would be your favorite way to pass the time with your partner?
  26. How has your partner spoken your love language recently? Throughout your relationship?
  27. What milestones are you most looking forward to in your future together?
  28. What is the worst meal you’ve had together that you can laugh about now?
  29. What was a time you felt perfectly understood by your partner?
  30. When was a time your partner honored one of your dreams?
  31. Describe a favorite memory you have with another couple.
  32. If you could make one wish for your partner’s future what would it be?
  33. Who is your partner’s celebrity doppleganger? List one for looks and another for personality.
  34. Has your partner ever given you butterflies in your stomach? Describe when.
  35. List your top five reasons you are most grateful to be together with your partner.
  36. Type out your earliest memories of each other.
  37. Go back and re-send some of your earliest emails and texts or transcribe early notes and letters.
  38. Word association. Open a book- the nearest one to you will work. Flip it open at random, close your eyes and point to a word on the page. Write down the word and a random memory or thought you have with or about your partner associated with that word.
  39. Provide a detailed description of how your partner has made you a better person.
  40. What song would you describe as “your song” together with your partner? Write about how and why it became your song.
  41. Write about all the things you miss about having your partner with you when they are out of town.
  42. When was a time you felt perfectly accepted, despite your flaws, by your partner?
  43. Describe various dream dates – a dream romantic date, fun date, expensive date, etc.
  44. Write out your love story as a short story.
  45. Write out a quote from a book that reminds you of your partner. Explain why.
  46. Explain why you love your partner now and why you loved them at the beginning of your relationship. Any differences? Similarities?
  47. Describe little moments in the day TODAY when you missed them/thought of them/were grateful for them that day.
  48. Play two truths and a lie.
  49. List a few times in your life you wish you would have had your partner with you.
  50. Dream time. Describe what you will be doing with your partner in two years, five years, ten years, twenty years.
  51. Talk about your favorite scripture or inspirational quote that makes you think of your partner.
  52. Pitch a movie about your love story complete with tag line and description.
  53. Write an acrostic poem for your names.
  54. You have a time machine. Which points in your partner’s life would you go back and visit- just as an observer?
  55. Talk about a favorite trip you took together.
  56. Write about times or things in your relationship/marriage that were disappointing or awful and then how you got over them or learned from them.
  57. Plan out real future date nights you want to go on this year.
  58. Reminisce about the first time you said, “I love you.”
  59. Write about how your partner has changed you since you’ve met them. Be specific.
  60. Talk about traits you think you’ve inherited from your parents and what traits your partner has inherited from theirs.
  61. Write a short poem about your partner (could be silly, could be serious, lean into the awkward).
  62. Record all first impressions of each other you can remember.
  63. Top 10 lists: Top 10 favorite memories together, Top 10 moments I loved you most, Top 10 events I’m looking forward to spending with you this year, Top 10 reasons I love you.
  64. Fill out these Newly Wed Game questions. Answer them for both you and your spouse. Have your spouse do the same. Compare answers.
  65. What characteristics of your partner do you hope your children will inherit? If you don’t have kids, what would you hope a hypothetical child would inherit from your partner?
  66. Write about the funniest memory you have together.
  67. Since you’ve been together, has your partner challenged any preconceptions you had about life?
  68. If you had to commit a crime together, what would it be? Aliases encouraged.
  69. What about your partner do you feel you know the least about? What about yourself do you think your partner knows the least about?
  70. If you could go back and give yourself advice about marriage when you were dating, what would you say? What have you learned?
  71. Transform your story into a Disney-esque fairy tale. Start with once upon a time . . .
  72. What are the physical aspects of your spouse you find most attractive?
  73. What do you think your partner’s greatest strengths and talents are?
  74. Share a childhood memory you’ve never shared with them before.
  75. When did you first know they were the one for you? How?
  76. What is a skill they’ve developed that they should be proud of?
  77. What makes your partner different from everyone else?
  78. When was a time they made you blush? (in a good way)
  79. Tell how they make you feel good about yourself (be specific).
  80. What is something your partner does that you think is sexy?
  81. When is a time you were very proud to be with your partner?
  82. What have they helped you accept about yourself? How?
  83. What are a few little things they do that just make you smile?
  84. Describe a date you’ve been on when you had a lot of fun.
  85. If you could go back in time, what would you tell them about how awesome they turn out?
  86. What is a quirk your partner has that you find endearing?
  87. What is your favorite memory with your partner this past year?
  88. What could you do today to make your partner happier?
  89. Describe a past good deed from your partner that meant a lot.
  90. What do you think is your partner’s best quality?
  91. Reminisce about a favorite date you’ve had with your partner.
  92. Share your favorite picture of your partner and why its your favorite.
  93. Describe a few times you and your partner deep belly laughed together.
  94. Name a time when your partner was there for you when you really needed it
  95. What is your favorite physical feature of your partner?
  96. Describe a time when you were really impressed with your partner.
  97. What was it that initially attracted you to your partner?
  98. Name a favorite memory from your wedding day. Or if you are not married, the day you decided to be together.
  99. Reminisce about the first time you said, “I love you.”
  100. What was something your partner did this week that you appreciated?
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I’m SO excited for you guys to fill out these love letter prompts! I’m confident even the act of filling them out will fill YOUR love tank. And giving them will fill your partner’s. Full love tanks all around!

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