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1 Easy Way to Have a Great Weekend with Your Spouse

Want to have a great weekend with your spouse?

Sometimes here at Thriving Marriages we post long, detailed content that dives into the deep waters of marital intimacy … and then sometimes we have posts like this for a great weekend with your spouse.

There are some keys to a healthy marriage that are simple. For instance, what is one thing you can do this weekend that makes your spouse feel loved. Notice I didn’t say “what’s one thing you enjoy doing for your spouse” but what do they love or need.

Here’s a list of ways you could have a great weekend with your spouse.

  1. Go on a surprise date
  2. Send flowers.
  3. Give or pay for a massage.
  4. How about some spontaneous sex?
  5. Give time away from the kids.
  6. Write a a heartfelt note.
  7. Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
  8. Make a favorite meal.
  9. Take the stress away with a foot rub–that doesn’t have to be asked for!
  10. Schedule a mani-pedi.
  11. Encourage them to hang out with a friend they haven’t seen lately.
  12. Turn off all the devices and give 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation.
  13. Pray together .
  14. Do anything that makes your spouse feel alive, seen, and cared for.

Don’t overthink it, just intentionally love your spouse this weekend.

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