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7 Ways to Increase Spiritual Intimacy

The least developed area of intimacy in your marriage is not sex!


In fact, the least developed area of intimacy for most couples is spiritual intimacy.

Maybe you already knew that.

But a lot of couples don’t.

Why is that?

For many reasons we just never get around to making the commitment to work on this area of married life. Is it busyness? Is it lack of priority? Is it that it’s hard to have spiritual intimacy when there is low-level anger? The answer is yes; it could be some or all of these.

Jim Burns at HomeWord.com, says that he and his wife, Cathy, developed a simple exercise that doesn’t take a lot of time but can be the breakthrough you may need to grow together spiritually.

How much time will it take? Just 20 minutes a week…

Every week…

Just take your spouse out for coffee once a week, for crying out loud!

Here are 7 things you can talk about that can strongly enhance your spiritual intimacy:

  1. Review your recent quiet-times and devotional life.

Share with each other what you’ve been doing and learning in regard to your personal times with the Lord and what you’ve been learning and experiencing.

  1. Share your greatest joy of the week.

Sometimes life gets so hectic—with your spouse and family going in what seems like a million different directions—that you may not have had the opportunity to share your greatest joy with your spouse.

  1. Share your greatest struggle of the week.

Sharing your struggles with your spouse is equally as important as sharing your joys. Hang in there, though, because sometimes the greatest struggle your spouse has experienced can be you.

  1. Share an affirmation of your spouse.

Affirming your spouse (and receiving affirmation) is tremendously important in developing spiritual intimacy with one another!

  1. Share a wish or a hope for yourself or your family.

This helps you to focus on your spouse’s needs and desires.

  1. Share physical goals for yourself.

Sharing our physical goals with one another helps provide an avenue of accountability.

  1. Pray Together.

Once you’ve shared on all of the above topics, you’ll be ready to pray – and you’ll have some very specific issues to pray about.


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