How to Love Your Spouse

25 Ways to Show Your Wife

  1. Praise her in front of the kids.
  2. Greet her at the door when she gets home–drop whatever you’re doing and go kiss her!
  3. Make her a coffee to take with her in the morning.
  4. Give  her a backrub.
  5. Brag about her to your friends or your family when she can hear.
  6. Tell her one thing you admire about her in relation to her work or her giftings–and try to make it a different thing every time you say it!
  7. Rub your fingers through her hair as you’re watching a movie.
  8. Gather all her devices at night and plug them in so that they’re charged for her in the morning.
  9. Make an appointment to get an oil change for her car.
  10. Sort the mail so she doesn’t have to.
  11. Put on her favorite cologne right before dinner, or before you watch a movie together. Or shave right before you go out to dinner!
  12. Text her and tell her specifically what you love doing with her.
  13. Bring her a glass of water if she’s working outside in the garden or watching the kids outside.
  14. Bring her a drink when she’s working at her computer.
  15. Share your “high” and “low” with her everyday–the time you were the most “in the groove” and the time you felt the most defeated today. Let her into your heart. 
  16. Wear nice pajamas that don’t have holes in them that you know she loves.
  17. Going out to pick up an ice cream/treat with the kids? Bring her one, too–even if you went out during the day when she was at work. Save it for her, with a note, “We were thinking of you!”
  18. Rub moisturizer all over her back and her legs when she gets out of the shower. 
  19. Read a bit of a book/funny story/newspaper to her while she takes a bath.
  20. Pray for her while you’re lying in bed–out loud. Reach out, put your arm on hers, and say a sentence-or-two prayer.
  21. Walking by her? Reach out and touch her for a second! (But don’t grab a boob! Brush her shoulder, her waist, her back,  her hand). 
  22. Rub her feet while you’re watching TV. (You can even get a cloth and wash her feet and put some cream on them, too).
  23. Ask her his advice on something–and then follow it (without challenging her!)
  24. Ask her to explain something about a hobby to you.
  25. Don’t just tell her you love him–tell him WHY you love her.
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This article on how to love your spouse originally appeared here, and is used by permission.