How To Be Romantic Even When You’re Exhausted

Set aside one night this week where you plan for sex. It doesn't feel romantic, but it gives your spouse something to look forward to.

79 Hobbies for Couples to do TOGETHER!

Married couples need to have some fun together! And one of the best ways to do that is to find hobbies for couples.
affordable cheap date night

Easy, Affordable Ideas for Your Next Date Night

Consistently dating your spouse is hard. Every once in a while we like to post a list of super practical date night ideas.
date night

The One Thing Most Couples Get Wrong About Date Night

We were told that for our marriage to work, we needed one date night a week and one night away a month. Does anyone actually do that?
pursue your spouse

What Are You Doing to Pursue Your Spouse?

Over the years I’ve learned it’s the small ways you pursue your spouse in marriage every day that grow a marriage.
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25 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Use these open ended questions — some silly, some serious — to ask your spouse to talk, laugh, dream, and learn more about each other.
date nights at home

Date Nights At Home — It’s a Thing!

If we want to do something different, especially for date nights at home, we have to deliberately start a new pattern. So here’s what we do.
rekindle romance

5 Practical Ways to Rekindle Romance In Your Marriage

Have you “lost that loving feeling?” of dating and romance. We need to rekindle romance, the fun and enjoyment of marriage.
date night ideas for married couples

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Even though you’re married, you and your wife still need to get away alone to continue to talk, laugh, and have fun together. All of us married folks could use a big list of date night ideas for married couples. Here is that list!
golden rules

3 Golden Rules For Rekindling Romance

When the stress of life gets in the way of our romance, Cathy proactively applies what she calls the Three Golden Rules for Romance.
go on a date

Make A Date To Go on a Date Today.

You need to reconnect with your spouse. You need to work at your marriage. So go on a date! We know it's basic advice, but it's true!
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How To Date Your Spouse When Stuck In Your House

So, how do you go on a date when you aren’t allowed to leave your house? A month ago, this question would...
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Love in a Time of Covid: 5 Ways To At-Home Date

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Aindrea and Rich, hosts of the podcast From Long Distance to Marriage. It seems nearly impossible...
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The Extremely Practical, Cheap Date That Will Revitalize Your Marriage

For most of my married life (including now!) finances have been tight. What I love about today's post is it creates a...
Valentine's Day

6 Great Books to Give (or Read) for Valentine’s Day

You know you love it. Or maybe not. Regardless, Valentine's Day is coming like a freight train and you might be lacking...
These 20 ways to say i love you to your spouse are great for Valentine's Day romance. But they're also good for any day you want to show love to your spouse and strengthen your marriage. #spiceupmarriage #marriageintimacy #christianmarriage #marriageadvice #marriagegoals #Valentine #Valentinesday #love #iloveyou #lovelanguages

20 Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

These are great ways at Valentine's Day or any time of the year to say I love you to your spouse.
Here are five FREE ideas for every love language your husband or wife speaks. Win their heart and strengthen your marriage today. Not to mention that you'll save money! #Christianmarriage #marriage #marriageadvice #Valentine #ValentinesDay #marriedlove #romance #marriageintimacy #LoveLanguages #speaklove

Here’s a Killer Valentine’s Day Present For Your Spouse That’s Free!

Are you looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day without spending a dime? Share the gifts below. Gift of Words...
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What to Talk About On Your Date Night

There have been several dates where my wife and I (Josh), exhausted from raising two young kids, just stare at each other from across...
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1 Easy Way to Have a Great Weekend with Your Spouse

Want to have a great weekend with your spouse? Sometimes here at Thriving Marriages we post long, detailed content that dives into the deep waters...