When Little Fights Become Big Problems

The moment you do or say something that hurts your spouse, you stand at a fork in the road, whether you are aware of it or not.

36 Conversations That Will Turn Your Spouse On

Married couples should flirt and have intimate conversations to stoke the fire of our interests. Here are 36 ideas for you.
husbands, love your wives

Husbands, Love Your Wives Like Jesus. 3 Keys.

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her – Eph 5:25 Pastors often preach it, but are we living by it?

How To Build a Marriage That Has No Regrets

I have no regrets about listening! I’ve never thought, “Why did I pay such good attention to that person? Why was I so empathetic?”
it's complicated

It’s Complicated – But It Doesn’t Have to Be

As Facebook would attest, many of us would simply say of our closest relationships in life, “It’s complicated.”
secret fears behind asking for help

The Secret Fears Behind Asking for Help

What’s the big deal about letting our husbands help with things? Depending on the woman, I think the reasons can vary for why it’s so...
spouse is weird

My Spouse Is Weird

Today's post about my spouse is weird comes from Scott Kedersha, and is relevant to every marriage out there because let's be honest, you're...
forgiving your spouse

Forgiving Your Spouse Doesn’t Mean Ignoring Your Feelings

Forgiving your spouse isn't always easy. Many marriages don't work through the pain, honesty, and tension that true forgiveness requires. Instead they bury their...

Set These Realistic Goals for Your Marriage in 2019

A few years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, Troy and I began the tradition of setting goals for our marriage...

Your Spouse’s Perspective Is Annoying. You Should Listen Anyway!

In the same way that I am benefited by reminding myself of God’s eternal perspective – I must remember that my husband also offers me a unique perspective that I shouldn’t so quickly dismiss.
overcoming obstacles

3 Keys To Overcoming Obstacles In Your Marriage

I had to fight that internal battle to ignore fear and listen to the spirit of love so I could see, “You are not the obstacle in our marriage—you are my partner in overcoming obstacles.” 

Loving, Not Resenting, That Your Spouse is Different.

I have sought to suck the marrow out of life. Since I am married for life, I want to be intensely married, to explore...
spouse's emotional needs

3 Easy Ways to Meet Your Spouse’s Emotional Needs

For some of us, when we hear the word generosity in terms of meeting our spouse's emotional needs, we may think of giving financially....

Not Spending Time With Your Spouse Is Okay

Okay, okay, that's not entirely true. Of course you need to spend time together. But this is a great article for the younger marrieds...

How to Add Warmth to Your Frozen Marriage

It's easy for marriages to become civil but distant, where a continued lack of warmth slowly freezes out love. The good news, coming today...
reasons for divorce

God’s Solutions to the Reasons For Divorce

Do you feel just plain unhappy in your marriage? Or that you’re no longer in love with your spouse? Some would say you should...
When we mentor couples they are often focused on who’s wrong or who’s right. When we ask them about their goal for marriage, they usually agree that they want a better relationship. The question changes from who’s wrong or who’s right to, “What will build our bond?"

“In It To Win It” Is a Bad Goal For Marriage

My wife, Michelle, and I went on a beach vacation in early January. It was great to get away and to relax....
to do list

What to Do When You Are Last on Your Spouse’s To Do List?

Today's post from the always-helpful America's Family Coaches is a great conversation starter between you and your spouse. The desire to feel...
words of affirmation

Why Men Need Words of Affirmation in the Bedroom

Today's post is about the needs of men, but husbands, your wives need words of affirmation too! Here's 102 ways you can...
little annoyances

Don’t Let Little Annoyances Become Huge Problems

Identifying little annoyances allows you to train yourself to let them go, and refuse to give them power over your attitude.
text messages for spouse

40 Texts to Send to Your Spouse

What I love about today's post from Marriage Laboratory is how simple, fun, and original it is. It definitely gave me some inspiration, and...

The Surprising Reason You’re Angry at Your Spouse Today

Okay some of you aren't angry TODAY, but you were yesterday, or will be tomorrow. This great post from America's Family Coaches explains how...
questions to ask your spouse

25 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Use these open ended questions — some silly, some serious — to ask your spouse to talk, laugh, dream, and learn more about each other.

4 Ways To Build A Strong Community That Supports Your Marriage

We all need a marriage community – a support system around us of couples our age, and maybe a mentor couple that’s a...
words of affirmation

Good News! Your Spouse’s Needs Aren’t As Hard to Meet as You Think. This...

My wife is super in to any sort of words of affirmation. It is easily, without a doubt, her number one love...

3 Keys to a Healthy Family During Covid-19

“In case you missed this over the weekend, here it is in blog form. If there is anything HomeWord can do to...
reconnect with your husband

4 Strong Ways to Reconnect With Your Husband

If you feel as if the previous year–or years!–has made you grow apart, let's look again at how to reconnect with your husband.

Don’t Miss the Nudges!

Nudges.  They are easy to miss if we’re not paying attention. A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I were watching television, and saw a commercial...
i was wrong say sorry

5 Powerful Reasons to Suck it Up and Say “I Was Wrong”

No one likes admitting they're wrong, but Juli's post today @ Authentic Intimacy makes it a little bit easier. I especially like her point...

This 1 Powerful Truth Will Change How You See Your Spouse

Gary Thomas sets up this post on his own, so I'll keep my setup brief: you should read this!  This post continues an ongoing series,...

Want 2019 to be a GREAT Year? Ask These 3 Questions.

Longtime TM partner, Scott Kedersha, recently wrote a fantastic post on how to reflect on your past year. While it's not all...
pursue your spouse

What Are You Doing to Pursue Your Spouse?

You need to make it one of your highest priorities to pursue your spouse. One of my biggest concerns as a married...
words hurt

Words Hurt, So Don’t Say Everything You Think.

When someone exhausts your patience and you want to hit back with a comeback zinger... just don't. Words hurt, and are never worth it. 
mental load

Husbands, Help Carry Your Wife’s Mental Load.

Women’s mental load is not a problem with men as much as it is a problem with the way our whole culture sees the responsibilities of women.
Ted talks

5 TED Talks for Your Marriage

Our friends over at recently posted 5 TED talks for your marriage that would be great for you and your spouse to watch...

This Powerful Habit Will Revolutionize Your Marriage

My pastor's sermon this Sunday leveled me. He was teaching from the verse in James about being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to...
forgiveness and trust

The Difference Between Forgiveness and Trust

Understanding the difference between forgiveness and trust is critical to every marriage. When Jason and Alisha met with my wife and I they were...
as long as we both shall live

The Meaning of Your Marriage Vows: “As Long As We Both Shall Live”

Some of the most powerful, life-giving, exciting words you will ever agree to are said during your marriage vows: as long as we both shall live.
These 20 ways to say i love you to your spouse are great for Valentine's Day romance. But they're also good for any day you want to show love to your spouse and strengthen your marriage. #spiceupmarriage #marriageintimacy #christianmarriage #marriageadvice #marriagegoals #Valentine #Valentinesday #love #iloveyou #lovelanguages

20 Easy Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

These are great ways at Valentine's Day or any time of the year to say I love you to your spouse.

How to Ask For What You Need Without Arguing

Sometimes you just have to ask your husband for what you need! I’ve been talking all month about how to change the dynamic...
giving too much

Are You Giving Too Much This Holiday Season?

Not only is giving too much mentality unhealthy for the giver, it is also unhealthy for the taker. It fuels a relational dysfunction pattern.

Trust Can Be Rebuilt Over Time. Here’s How.

Your spouse has blown it. You don’t trust him/her anymore. But you want to save your marriage. How can you learn to trust again?
easy way to make spouse feel loved

1 Easy Way to Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

“There’s something you do that really annoys me.” We’d just finished dinner on a random Tuesday, and I was all ears. My husband never complains. Like, never. And he was...

Do You Know Your Marriage’s Superpower?

I really, really enjoyed this post from Scott Kedersha. It's a creative angle on a topic we haven't covered much here at Thriving Marriages,...

How to Actually Enjoy Your Spouse This Christmas

I believe that Christmas can be a season of joy and fun and love for you and your husband. It can be a time when you make memories together and strengthen your marriage, rather than letting it run on auto-pilot and increasing the tension between the two of you.

Is Your Past Hurt Making You Kind or Cold To Your Spouse?

Today's post from Doug Fields doesn't directly mention marriage, but man is it so applicable. In marriage our personal wounds, past experiences,...
how to have self control

About to Lose Your Cool? Self-Control Keys

Do you ever lose your cool in an argument? Self-control comes from our thoughts, which influence how we feel and how we...

4 Ways to Navigate Covid-19: A Survival Guide

Life in 2020 is filled with concerns about health, jobs, and the economy. Yet your most worrisome problem right now might not be...

Is It Way Too Easy for Your Husband to Push Your Anger Button?

If we want to get emotionally healthy, with ourselves and with others, we need to be willing to go below the surface of our anger.

Try a Little Kindness Today

A kind person acts in benevolent, gentle, and loving ways. In marriage, kindness is demonstrated through generous acts, considerate behavior, and comforting words. A kind...