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8 Ways to Fall in Love All Over Again

  1. Schedule your next date night and don’t tell your spouse the plans. The anticipation will spark a renewed sense of fun.
  2. Practice the daily 60 SECOND BLESSING. This is a daily habit of affirming the positive qualities you see in each other for 60 seconds each.
  3. Send flirty texts to each other throughout the day. Trust me, they will appreciate it.
  4. Make foreplay a priority. Make more room in your calendar to make out and other stuff *wink* before sex.
  5. Be affectionate and playful with each other in front of others. It’s not enough to just brag to each other in private, it’s significant to compliment your spouse in public.
  6. Start a new hobby together. Brainstorm on some ideas and create a list of shared interests.
  7. Show appreciation by saying, “Thank you,” and “I appreciate all you do”. This goes a long way in showing respect to each other.
  8. Take a walk hand in hand. Nothing gets the blood moving and creative juices flowing like taking a walk around the block.
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