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1 Easy Way to Have a Great Weekend with Your Spouse

It’s easy to overcomplicate marriage.

Life becomes so busy, important conversations go unspoken, the kids demand every ounce of emotional energy you have, work is exhausting, and in the middle of this we feel this pressure to do a thousand things to make our marriage better: communicate more, date nights, sex, money, talk, gifts, do more do more do more. And while there’s value to all those things sometimes all a marriage needs is a 30-minute foot rub.

A few nights ago after I’d had a long night waiting tables (my side job) and Christina had a long day corralling two young kids, we sat on the couch, got out the lotion, rubbed each others’ feet and talked. That was it. No expectations of sex. No talking about all the things that need doing. Just 30 minutes of peace, connection, and physical affection. It set us up for a really great week together. We have been irritated with each other less. We’ve been more inclined to show grace. We’ve felt like we’re on the same page with parenting.

I’m not saying foot rubs are the magic cure-all elixir of marriage (although I’m not not saying that either!). I’m saying sometimes sustaining a great marriage is all about the simple moments of kindness and connection.

So what’s one simple way you can connect with your spouse this weekend?

Don’t overthink it, just be intentional, and see if it sets you up for a great marriage weekend.

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