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I Never Knew I Needed a Husband Who Did This …

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When I was a girl I looked for the cute boy who would make my heart go pitter-patter. Physical attraction went a long way in my juvenile mind.

Then as you get older you start to look for a fella who doesn’t just look good, but also one who treats you well. And that’s still important.

A lot of women look for a man who will be a good provider, and although I’ve never let someone’s social position or financial situation rule my choices, it is nice to be with someone who doesn’t mind working hard for the people they love.

I happened to marry a man who I find very attractive, and he treats me like a queen. He’s a good provider, and he definitely makes me laugh. You could say I hit the jackpot in the marriage department, but yesterday he did something I didn’t realize would strike me as most important. I mean, twenty-five years ago it certainly wasn’t something I daydreamed about or wrote in my journal concerning the man who would one day be my spouse. But as he sat across from me doing this one thing I realized it was what I wanted most in a man. In fact this is what made him emulate all the other qualities I desired in a mate.

He was on his phone. No surprise there. Our phones seem to be the thing we all have in our hands most days. I simply assumed he was playing some sort of game, when suddenly he remarked something in my direction.

“Can you image being thrown into a furnace?!” He asked.

“No, I can’t.” I replied. “That would be awful.

It was at this point that I realized he had the Bible open on his phone, and then he began to read to me from it. He read a well known Bible story, but as he began to discuss his feelings about the verses with me it took on a new hue. We discussed faith, fear, and Jesus. And it was wonderful.

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At that moment as I looked at him reading from the Bible I knew that’s what I wanted in a husband.

I wanted a man who loved Jesus even more than he loved me. Definitely more.

I wanted a man who took joy in reading God’s word, and a man who enjoyed discussing the scriptures with me.

I wanted a man who was strong, sure, but moreover I wanted a man who knew his true strength rested in Christ.

I never knew that when I first desired to have a spouse that I would need one who desired God so much, but I do. My husband’s love for the Lord leads his heart on all matters, and it has shaped him into the wonderful man he has become. His countenance shines the light of Jesus, and I can see his love for others in everything he does. I don’t believe he is ever more handsome to me than when he is serving others. The type of strong provider he is for our family is modeled after God, and his gentle demeanor and sensitive character is one that flows from a spirit filled by Jesus.

I never knew I’d need a man who had such a heart for the Lord, but now that I’ve found him I can imagine nothing better. The fruits of the spirit are evident in his life, and they flow abundantly to me and our children. I am blessed to have found a man who I can read the Bible with, and share the love of Christ abundantly.

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