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How to Have More Love in Your Marriage

Marriage is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s always complicated. As we head into the weekend here’s one simple thought for your marriage: how strong is your spiritual journey with God going?

Over and over the Bible tells us that love flows like this: God –> us –> others. As we love God, his love is formed in us and overflows into our relationships. This means the key to a marriage overflowing with love is for each partner in that marriage to be receiving the love of God in their life.

So how are you doing? Are you reading your Bible? Praying? Do you have times of quiet and rest to hear the voice of God? Are you and your spouse praying together? Do you have other Christians you’re doing life with? All these things are a source of God’s love.

So this weekend, how can you lean more into the infinite love of God in your life?

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Joshua Pease
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