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How to Calendar Your Way to a Healthy Marriage

You’ve probably heard this before, but if you want to see what someone values, look at their calendar. The events that fill up our day show where our priorities are at. But there’s a reverse way of looking at this: you can change your values by putting them on the calendar.

So what if, for the month of October, you calendared in the important aspects of your marriage? What if in the next couple days you are your spouse set down and scheduled the most important moments your marriage needs? This could include date nights, budget meetings, sex (seriously! This can be a really good idea), shared times of spiritual intimacy (prayer, reading the Bible together), or even a weekend away (you might need more than a month to work that in though).

Sometimes all that’s missing in our marriages is a little intentionality, so get some stuff on the calendar and see how your marriage benefits this month.

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