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Date Night Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Dr. Gary Chapman and his series of books on the Five Love Languages. You can find out more about the love languages here.

…My favorite and most practical question I got about dating your spouse was this: “What are some date night ideas for people with different love languages?”

1) Words of Affirmation

Write a letter to your significant other and read it to them on your date.

People who like words of affirmation usually want to be known. Be intentional and thoughtful as you plan a date, letting them know why you chose to do what you’re doing on the date. Let them know you know them and affirm them throughout your date.

Ask your significant other about their hopes and dreams. Affirm what you see in them. Listen and ask good questions.

2) Acts of Service

Go on a date that they would most enjoy. When on your date, ask some questions about what you can do to serve them best in your relationship.

Go to a restaurant of their choice – serve them by putting their desires before your own.

Cook the dinner of their choice at home, give them a massage (without any expectation of anything in return!), and give your spouse some time to read or take a short nap. Keep their drink refilled and make sure they’re comfortable!

If you have kids, line up the sitter and make sure your kids are totally taken care of before you leave. Baths, diaper change, dinner, and bedtime all should be covered.

3) Receiving Gifts

Plan a scavenger hunt where you hide gifts for your significant other across town. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive. In fact, I’d encourage you to make them much more meaningful then they are costly.

Place a gift in the front seat of the car for when you leave for your date.

Go to one of those paint your own painting date nights so that you have a memento/gift from your date that you bring home with you.

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Plan a date around a purchase you have been saving for or talking about. Or, if you’re not quite ready to make the purchase, window shop or look into options together.

4) Physical Touch

At movie theaters like Look Cinema, instead of sitting in separate chairs, you can get ‘couch’ tickets and snuggle up and watch a movie together. Of course, you can do the same at home: pop some popcorn, throw on some Netflix, and snuggle up together.

I’d hold off on this one if you’re not yet married!

Sit on the same side of the booth at dinner or make a picnic at the park so you can be near each other.

Go for a walk around your neighborhood or a neat downtown area. Hold hands while you walk or put your arm around her shoulder.

Married couples only: What would serve your spouse sexually? What’s something new you can try? Where’s a new, fun, and legal place you can make love?

5) Quality Time

Go on a Progressive Date where you eat an appetizer at one restaurant, the main course at another, and then dessert or coffee at a third place. This will ensure lots of conversation and quality time in the car and at each restaurant. If you have kids at home, you’ll want to find a cheap/free sitter for this date night since you’ll be gone a few hours.

Go to a local museum where you’ll get lots of quality time together, walking and discussing what you’re learning. For example,

Kristen and I recently visited the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library.

Go out for a concert on the lawn at a place that’s not too loud, but allows for extended time together. For example, the Arboretum in Dallas offers a concert series that make for a great, outdoor date night for some quality time.

Make your date night a date day. Start with coffee at a coffee shop and then go for a long walk in a park. Set up your hammock outside, take a nap, or just talk! Grab lunch together and then explore your town or a local museum.