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Budgeting Isn’t a Punishment, It’s an Opportunity!

I know so many couples in financial trouble who are having the hardest time budgeting because budgeting is hard, it’s boring, and it feels like a punishment. We’ve been bad boys and girls so we’ve been sent to the corner until we can get this right.

But what if we could take a step back and ask, “why are we really doing this?”

It’s not just because you’ve been bad. You’re doing this so that one day you won’t have payments, and you’ll be able to go on vacations without feeling guilty. You’ll be able to help your kids out through school. You’ll be able to start that business you’ve always wanted to start.

Or, even better, you’ll be able to bless other people and really start supporting the causes and the people you love.

It’s not a punishment; it’s an opportunity!

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