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Finding the Trinity in Your Marriage

The more I learn about God, the more convinced I am that intimacy is at the core of human existence.

We are made, first and foremost, to know God. But not just know about him, God wants us to “taste and see.” He is drawing us to be his friend. When you look at the three primary metaphors God uses to explain his relationship with us – a shepherd, a father, a husband – they all involve a very intimate, trusting communion.

And God wants us to experience that same sort of intimacy, communion, trust and oneness with each other. In John Jesus prays that his disciples would be one “even as you and I are one.” When describing the marital union between a husband and wife he describes it as becoming “one flesh,” a concept that parallels the Trinitarian theology of distinct personalities that are at the same time one.* 

* I’m not suggesting a husband and wife can replicate the Trinity, but that God’s plan for “one flesh” in marriage is a reflection of it. 

What that means is this: the most worthwhile use of each day of our existence is the pursuit of intimacy first with God, and then our spouse. And so today:

How are you doing with those two priorities?

Does the way you spend your time this week show that intimacy with your God and spouse matters most?

If not, how can you change that? 

Is intimacy with God and your spouse and exciting, appealing concept or does it make you nervous? 

God made you for intimacy: what are some of the factors getting in the way of that in your life? 

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