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Don’t Miss the Nudges!


They are easy to miss if we’re not paying attention.

A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I were watching television, and saw a commercial for chocolate chip cookies. He commented how good those looked. (nudge)

I got up a few minutes later and threw together cookie dough, and in no time Tom was enjoying what his appetite was craving.

What a privilege to live this close to someone day in and day out, to hear their desires, dreams and cravings. And then to be able to assist in making them happen.

If you’re like me, I often miss the nudge because I’m preoccupied with other things, or I put it off and then forget. I’m posting this today as a reminder to listen to the nudges your spouse either knowingly or unknowingly sends your way. Do all you can to surprise them and you’ll bless them for doing so, but more so for paying attention to the nudge.

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