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Practical Tips For Applying the 5 Love Languages

Here are a few ideas to enhance your marriage by applying your partner’s love language. The most valuable marriage advice I have ever been given is that everyone goes through weird phases in their marriage, and everyone has conflict. But in the end, it’s the ability to communicate, ask for what you need, and take responsibility for your flaws that will make a marriage last.

1. Acts of Service

Men seem to be inherently good at this one. My husband always makes sure my gas tank has gas, my tires are maintained, our lawn is mowed, and the bills are paid.

If you notice your spouse is similar, you can speak their language by: doing laundry, cooking their favorite meal, helping with yard work, or packing their lunch for them.

2. Words of Affirmation

If you notice that your partner loves compliments, you can speak their language verbally affirming them, writing them love notes, taking a few extra minutes each morning to say something sweet about how they look, or regularly telling them about how they make you happy.

3. Quality Time

Unplug your phone, go on walks, and talk about something new. Order take-out and cuddle on the couch. Pray together. The list of things you can do for quality time is endless and can be completely free.

4. Gifts

Even if you aren’t particularly a gift loving person, everyone loves it when a friend or partner picks up their favorite ice cream, snack or movie. So if your partner is a gift lover, speak their language by making sure to put a little extra thought into their gifts this season. Pick them up something small that you know they’ll love when they have a bad day.

5. Physical Touch

This love language is an interesting one because it’s generally a highly rated love requirement for both men and women, although, it’s the KIND of touch that differs.

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Just try to remember that your partner is a physical being, and with that, spending a little extra time on a little TLC never hurt anyone.

There are tons of articles on the importance of touch and sex in a marriage. If this is your partner’s love language, try to be intentional about creating some type of physical connection on a regular basis.