Pride’s Slippery Slope

slippery slope

We all know the famous warning verse “Pride comes before a fall” Proverb 16:18. We walk in pride when we do not seek God in areas of our life (Psalm 10:4). Walking in pride is always a slippery slope. When I consider how this applies to my relationship with Brad, I have to ask myself “Where do I feel ‘I’m better than Brad’ in our daily life in regard to our home, our kids, our work…..”

Slippery Slope Feelings To Guard Against

If I am feeling “better” I am walking on a slippery slope. In our marriages, we bring differing strengths to the table. If I am walking in an “I’m better” mentality in my area of strength, it will lead to strife with Brad.

If I’m seeking the Lord in my strength, seeing it as a gift from Him, then I’ll offer that strength without getting frustrated with Brad for his lacking in that area. It might be in the area of orderliness, greater attention to detail and teaching with the kids, anything.

I have heard it said “beware of your gifts.” May the differing strengths we bring to marriage never lead us into pride, but rather worship of our great God.

May we always seek God in our gifts that we may walk in humility and battle the sin of pride in our hearts. And may we generously share our gifts freely and humbly with our spouse and others.


This article on pride’s slippery slope originally appeared here, and is used by permission.

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