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101 Great Date Ideas

Most married couples know going on regular dates is important, but there are obstacles in the way. You’re tired. Babysitters cost money. Your favorite show is sitting on DVR waiting to be watched (okay, that one isn’t a very good reason). One of the big obstacles though is the question of “yeah, but what would we do?

Coming up with creative date ideas seems like a lot of creative thinking and – let’s be honest – by the end of the day when you have a chance to finally stop and think, your brain capacity is near zero. Fortunately the good people at Homeward have created a .pdf of 101 fun date ideas – including some free ones! – to help jumpstart your drive to date.

So take a look at this list together with your spouse and pick out one you can do in the next couple weeks!

Just click on the following link to download Homeward’s free .pdf document, 101_Creative_Date_Ideas.

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