3 Ways to Add a Little More Fun to Your Marriage

1. Choose laughter
There are endless things we can choose to be annoyed about in married life, but when we fight for joy, when we fight for laughter and light-heartedness, we choose unity over offense.

2. Mix up the routine
Stay up late or, maybe, go to bed early. Get up before the sun rises, and have coffee together or take a little walk. Fight mundane by mixing up your normal routine once in awhile. I’m not a night owl, but occasionally my husband and I get really chatty at bedtime and stay up way too late just talking.

And it’s fun! Those late night chats remind me that not only do we love each other, we actually like each other as well – so much that we will trade sleep just to hang out.

Fight mundane by mixing up your routine and infuse a little fun into your marriage.

3. Take advantage of date moments

After 15 years of marriage, we still haven’t mastered the date night. Babysitters are hard to come by, our calendars are already full enough, and going out can be expensive. However, making time for each other doesn’t always have to look like a date night.

When our are kids playing outdoors or otherwise entertained, sometimes my husband and I will drop everything and drink iced tea together on the deck. We take 10 or 15 minutes to intentionally talk and connect. Sure it’s not a date night, but it’s a date moment – a little pocket of time we can carve out for us.

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Recently, after a harried day, I fed the kids a quick dinner and put a movie on for them. Meanwhile, my husband ran to town to grab Mexican food and we had dinner together on our back patio while the kids watched their movie. It was simple, spontaneous and fun!

It doesn’t always take scheduling and planning to make time for connection, just watch for little spaces of time and steal away for a date moment.